A Look into Our Daily Lives, On the Farm and Around the Home

Blogger Gift Guide

As a blogger, I keep my eye out for deals that could help me grow.  Black Friday-Cyber Monday for a few years now has been the main time I grab up those goodies!! Inspired Bloggers University Membership, this group of classes will help both the new blogger and experience blogger grow.  I have … [Read More...]

How does $180 Healthy Goods Sound for $15?

I am so VERY excited to have found this collection of gift certificates!!  I will use a few for our family, but give a few away for gifts!! It’s called A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle and here’s how it works… For just $15 you get $180 in store credits from 12 online businesses that align … [Read More...]

DIY Paint with Water Pages

All of my children have loved the paint with water books.  They are pretty much mess free, and they enjoyed the creating.  However, they can be a bit hard to find and a little bit expensive.  This fall my two year old rode in the grain truck with me during milo harvest.  I asked on a Farmer's Wives … [Read More...]

Giveaway: Christmas Quotes Copywork 4 Winners

Did you forget to gather a few learning activities for this Christmas season?  Well, this giveaway is for you!!  I am giving away one of my most popular products, Christmas Quotes for Copywork. … [Read More...]

Free Pearl Harbor Notebooking Pages

Dec. 7, 1941 was a day of devastation for many.  However, over the years, Pearl Harbor Day has gotten pushed to the side with all the Christmas festivities.   This set of FREE  notebooking pages will help your family remember that day in history. Free Pearl Harbor Notebooking Pages $5 … [Read More...]

Teaching the Child with Vision Challenges to Write

I have mentioned before, that teaching writing is a challenge for me. So, add a child with vision issues to that, and well, I had avoided it. Right or Wrong? My focus had been for a few years now to teach her to read.  Last year we finally after many hours of hard grueling work mastered it. She … [Read More...]

Fall Around the Farm

It's fall, and fall around the farm is umm BUSY... If the farm is busy, then I am busy.  During the fall months, we put up hay, thresh alfalfa seed, milo harvest, prepare ground for planting wheat, keep cattle fed and watered, fix equipment... it is a never ending chore on the farm. In all … [Read More...]

Building a Writing Center for the Large Family with Special Learning Needs

One of our biggest struggles in our homeschool is teaching writing... It is hard for me.  Why?  Because I know I am NOT a strong writer.  That, right there, is likely why I don't blog too often.  I love the idea of a writing center for the homeschool family.  I have been studying the introductions … [Read More...]

Over $15,000 in Homeschool Giveaways

It's that time of year, we are all getting ready for back to school.  We have curriculum to buy, lesson plans to plan, field trips to plan, and tons of other things to get done. Educents has several educational activities and other goodies worth over $15000 that they are giving away. Check it … [Read More...]

How to Pray for Farmers

A friend asked me how, specifically, she could pray for farmers.  So many think that farm life is glamorous, however I have to be honest... there is a glamorous side, but then there is the huge scary truth... from year to year our income can change by nearly 75% and sometimes more... Our lives … [Read More...]

Homeschool Curriculum Shopping

Curriculum shopping can be so overwhelming.  Even 12 years into … [Read More...]

A Boy and His Bees

Our family loves honey.  Our oldest has ALWAYS been a Nature Boy, catching … [Read More...]

Busy Doing that Farm Wife Thing…

I am a stay at home mom.  But, as a farm wife, that doesn't mean I am home … [Read More...]

No Stress Homeschool Curriculum Shopping

Curriculum shopping does not have to be stressful.  In fact with a few … [Read More...]

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