Fall Around the Farm

It’s fall, and fall around the farm is umm BUSY… If the farm is busy, then I am busy.  During the fall months, we put up hay, thresh alfalfa seed, milo harvest, prepare ground for planting wheat, keep cattle fed and watered, fix equipment… it is a never ending chore on the farm. In all […]

When Motherhood Feels Like a Failure

I am going to be honest, brutally honest.  Some days being a mom is hard and well, it seriously feels like I am failing. I mean, I am outnumbered 7 to 1… actually if you include my husband in this, it is 8 to 1… At those odds, I am likely failing somewhere, Right? So, […]

FarmLife Tuesday Dec. 2

I have tried to come up with a better title for my Tuesday post about our farm life.  I use the hashtag #FarmLife quite often and believe FarmLife Tuesday is a good fit.  Now that it is getting colder, grabbing pictures on the farm may become a bit more challenging… We tend to work a […]

Priorities of a Mom’s Heart

As I sit, silently begging baby to take a nice long nap, I wonder what the rush is? Why? Why do mom’s want to rush? Rush to the next nap time, bedtime, time away from these gifts God has given us? How do we manage to lose the true Priorities of a Mom’s Heart? Why is […]

Wheat Harvest 2014 Blessings

Wheat harvest 2014 is beginning to wind down here.  It seems to me like it has taken forever, but really, it is just running later in the year. Wheat Harvest 2014 Here in our area of Kansas, wheat harvest 2014 has not been a bumper crop.  With the drought, and cold temperatures a bit too […]

Where I Went, What Happened and a Little Summer Fun

Well, summer was quite the ride around here.  Not just all farm happenings either.  There were blessings and some big challenges. God was with us, guiding us and holding our hands all along the way through it all.  Seriously, I rarely had time to sit down and blog. I didn’t have time to sit down […]

Staying Encouraged as a Homeschool Mom

Satan has a way to make sure those who are called by God to homeschool will be discouraged.  We have to know that it is him causing it.  Staying encouraged as a homeschool mom is a big challenge.  We are so busy taking care of so many, that we often fail to take care of […]

Farm Life Chronicles on the Prairie

It seems my readers enjoy our stories from the farm.  So, I would like to try to share a few farm life highlights each week. Spring Forward Slows the Farm Spring Forward has been a long time great thing for farmers as far as crops and livestock go.  However, me, I like that earlier hour […]

Fifteen Years Ago…I Do

Fifteen years ago, I said I do to the man that has been a second rock during the ups and downs of the last fifteen years. Brad and I met when I needed hay for my horses, and my supplier was out.  I honestly couldn’t stand him that first day, and he says the feeling […]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal March 4-8

I haven’t done a journal in a long time.  So, here is one from this week! In my life this week… Monday we spent time with family and friends after the funeral of Brad’s cousin.  It was a nice time to get to know some of the family, I had not met.  Tuesday We enjoyed […]

And The Winner IS….Homeschool Moms’ Summit Registration Winner!!

Congratulations Kristi K, you should have an email in your inbox!! Well gals, it is not long until we shall meet up, just two weeks away!! I honestly am so excited!! This is the time of year I become a bit weary with the whole homeschool thing.  Why? Well, because we are stuck inside more, […]

Homeschooling Through The Foggy Headedness

What a title ehh?  So, how many of you are wondering what’s new, if I am just now mentioning that my head is foggy?  Well, here of late, I have been foggier than normal.  It all started with an ear infection, and well, it seems there is still some congestion fog stuck in my head.  […]

Chore Time Encouragement through a Scavenger Hunt

We all know how chores can become drudgery, but is there a way we can encourage our children to work as they go, without saying a word, without nagging? Now there is… Our family has struggled with chores off and on, maybe it is the size of the family and the number of chores with […]

Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit and GIVEAWAY

Are you ready for some encouragement? How about some refreshment?  Would you like to gather with a whole room full of moms that are on the same journey as you? Well, have I got some news for you!! January 25-26, I will be gathering with moms from all over the central part of the U.S. […]

Turning to God When You Would Rather Have a Mommy Meltdown

So, this morning, has been CHAOTIC!!  Crazy, and I let Satan have it for a bit, he succeeded in pulling out nearly all the Christmas Joy for just a tiny bit.  But, then I stopped in my tracks…or  rant, and realized what was going on.  Satan was working hard, we had let him in, and […]

Planning for the From Scratch Holiday Meal

Are you hosting a Holiday Meal in your home?  Do you want to make it healthier?   I have been hosting most all of our holiday meals in our home for several years.  Every year, I get a little more healthier and from scratch.  However, to make the entire meal from scratch, it takes a […]

Silver Lining Thankfulness

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am remembering the reasons to be Thankful this year. Recent:  Over the last month all of my children have been sick at one time or another.  The thing is, that well, I get to stay up with the sickies. I find it a privilege to be the one that God […]

The 2012 Great Clothing Switch Out Begins! Large Family Style

This is the time of year, that nearly EVERY large family mom despises.  Most of us have bags or stashes of clothes for 0-3 mo. for each gender on up to a few sizes above our oldest.  In large families, that is a LOT of clothes. If you are on a farm, there seems to […]

A Few Changes for the Next Several Weeks~Family Updates and such…

I once heard how summer is supposed to be a slow relaxing and carefree time…Ummm, For Who? Summers in our home are actually the busiest time of the year… Farm~baling hay Wheat Harvest Animals Garden~over an acre… Preserving Produce~potatoes, onions, green beans, peppers, salsa, peaches, apples, and more Homeschool Convention Vacation Bible School Company coming~3 […]

Life Precious Life…Our God is an Awesome God!

The last ten days have been a bit of a whirlwind…I attended a Christian Women’s Retreat on Friday and Saturday (April 8-9), I came home early afternoon on April 9th and then early Sunday morning received a phone call from my best friend’s daughter Sarah, and would change the next few weeks of our lives. […]

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