Brookdale House 30% Off Sale

Brookdale House 30% off EVERYTHING!! We have used a few different products from Brookdale House this year!!  We are loving Kimberly’s stuff!!  Brookdale House is a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum company.  Brookdale House has a treasure for the homeschool family that not only are their products Charlotte Mason inspired, but they also have a […]

Thanksgiving Reading List

Our family loves to read.  We read several times throughout the day as a family and independently.  I have older children read to younger children and younger children read to older children, all of us read together and so forth.  However, I have found that we tend to get tired of reading the same thing […]

Picking Out a Printer for the Homeschool Family

Picking out a printer for the homeschool family has many challenges.  Probably the biggest challenge is the financial side. Most of us are single income families, and well that means that having that extra $200-$500 laying around to spend on a printer when the need arises is probably not the case… Earlier this month I […]

Homeschool Convention Packing

As I begin putting my thoughts together to head to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha, I wanted to share with you my tips for homeschool convention packing, when traveling with several children. The packing alone can become quite overwhelming. There is so much to remember, and without a list, I am lost. Here […]

FREEBIE Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets

Are you in need of a few things for you preschool/kindergarten children to work on?  Do they need practice with beginning writing? Cutting? shapes? Counting and more? Check out this FREE Pre-K/Early Kindergarten 56+ page pack of worksheets.  Available for free Jan.3-6 only!! Did you know that there is a whole 200+ pages of these […]

Christmas Craft: Sun Catcher Nativity Scene

I have spent the last few weeks looking for some fun Christ centered Christmas Crafts to work on with my children.  I have always wanted to do a craft with a Nativity Scene as the focal point, but had never come across one that would be simple enough to do with my children’s wide age […]

Historical Reading for the Homeschool Family Heritage History

If you have read my blog long, you know we take a literature approach to teaching history.  Earlier this year, I learned of Heritage History, a company that is making older historical literature readily available to the homeschool market.  What is amazing is that this company is keeping their prices VERY reasonable, which helps the […]

Being Real in Homeschool Lessons

As homeschoolers, we can really struggle with how much book school to do.  Sometimes we can fall into the textbook trap and lose the whole reason we are homeschooling. Homeschooling is more about relationships than it is academic. Relationships with family Relationships with others Relationships with people of a widely various ages Relationships with God […]

Fourth of July Sparkly Mosiac Star Craft

Last week I posted pictures of our fun little stars.  Today, I am going to show you how to make them. First you need to print the PDF below on Cardstock, do not cut it out: Star for crafts.pdf Gather the rest of your supplies: Opaque Glitter, Mod Podge Red, White and Blue Tissue Paper […]

Home Educating Family’s On the Go Planner~ My brain on in a book!~Giveaway 3 Winners!!

I am not naturally organized.  In fact, even when I try really hard I am not really organized.  I have great ideas, and I mean well, but, in reality, I am just not an organized person…or am I?  In fact, I have made wonderful forms that keep my older children organized in their homeschool lesson […]

Fall Field Trip Frenzy

Every fall it is like this…field trip opportunities abound. This year though, it has been a little busier then the last couple. We have been to a homeschool fun day, the eye doctor four times, State Fair two times, Wild Life and Parks day, Peace Treaty Pageant, Farm helping too many times to count (from […]

Favorite Curriculum for our Family so Far…

As we really get going in school, I am watching my children to see what seems to be their favorite curriculum so far.  Why? Because I want to see if there is a pattern.  Can I help make other subjects as interesting or fun for them? So far, for my oldest daughter it seems to […]

Friday Fun School September 2

As I have mentioned before, Fridays are our Fun School days.  We play games, and do experiments and other such fun. This Friday we will be doing a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  This is one of the activities in our Exploring Creation through Flying Creatures study. Next up with will break out our new Scrubble Cube.  […]

Discouragement in the Homeschool Trenches~Really in only week 3? Digging out!!

  This week hasn’t quite gone like I wanted it to.  Between appointments and baling hay we haven’t been able to start school in the mornings, and well, school work in the afternoons doesn’t seem to be working out.  And if not getting school isn’t enough, chores are all messed up too. If I make […]

Preschool Fun~Keeping them occupied during homeschool lessons.

Over the last few weeks, as I was preparing for our school year, I made a change, that I hadn’t really talked about. I decided NOT to put our 3.5 year old in with our kindergarten and first grade.  He is able, but he is not ready, as his attention span does not have the […]

If it isn’t Working, Fix it…Don’t be Owned by Curriculum that isn’t working…

As a fairly seasoned homeschooler, I have had to learn this.  Sometimes it is a hard lesson, other times it is fairly easy to take. Already into our second week, I am having to make a couple of changes. Character Quality Language Arts is one of those changes.  This is the second time I have […]

A Day in the Life of a Peace Creek on the Prairie Homeschool Day

Our days are full.  We live on a small farm in rural Kansas, where you can here tractors groaning, birds chirping and coyotes howling at night.  My husband farms alfalfa hay and some wheat.  He also does some mechanicing on various items at any point in time.  He enjoys taking our children with him on […]

Friday Fun School~Aug. 19

This will not be our typical Friday Fun School, but I have been sick most of the week, as has our three year old.  So, rather then stress about it, I grabbed some fun things lying around and threw them in for the older children, and one for the younger. Our baskets this week […]

Homeschool Room Supply Organization

I have talked about our curriculum organization using file boxes.  However, there is a reason I have avoided the topic of actual school supplies…markers, pencils,crayons, glue, and so forth.  These items have been scattered EVERYWHERE, though I have little pencil boxes for most of it, they never end up back in them. A few weeks […]

First Day of School

Our first day of school was an overwhelming success.  In some ways, I wish it would not have gone so perfectly, because that is going to set such a high standard for our year.  I think God also saw a need for a reality check, as I woke the second day of school with a […]

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