Our Assignment and Record Keeping Notebooks~Using TOS Planner and My Custom Planner Pages

Over the years, I have worked hard to put together a record keeping book that would work for assignment too.  However, they have always been a little too much for my older children.  This year, however, seems to be the year I figured it out. I have used forms from my The 2011-12 Schoolhouse Planners, […]

Organizational Week~Getting the Homeschool Ready

We all have them, days when we walk through the house and want to turn tail and run because there are messes everywhere.  As we move through the house, we notice there is very little that can be done with these messes… What? Where did it all come from? Typically around here, it means we […]

Homeschool Forms…Need your opinions. ~Poll

Well, I have been asked several times if I could produce homeschool planning forms that are able to be typed into and printed.  The short answer is yes, however the software to do this is quite expensive, though I am looking into other options still. Below is a poll to see if there is enough […]

The 2011-2012 The Schoolhouse Planners are Here and Ready for You!!

I purchased my first The Schoolhouse Planner last summer.  I was impressed, and had an idea for another form.  In January, the call came out for suggestions, so I quickly put together my idea and submitted it.  Guess what? My form is in each of the planners for the 2011-2012 school year.  I also have […]

New Homeschool Form~Student Assignment Sheet

Student Assignment Sheet with check boxes Two page spread, has a place for all assignments, chores, and prayer list, with small section for something else.  This is for the parent to fill in and the student to check off as they complete each assignment. This has been added to my Large Family Homeschooling Forms page. […]

If you Could have Anything on a Planner Page, what would it be?

I am reworking some of my planner pages.  I would like your input. Do you like five days on one page?  or Three on one page and two on another with room for other things? If you like the three on one and two on another for a two page spread, what are some sections […]

Two Things I have Found in Our Homeschool to be GREAT. Homeschool Snips & Tips Wednesday~ September 8

This year I have really found two things that I will work hard to be able to keep using in our homeschool. The Schoolhouse Planner is one of those. The Schoolhouse planner is $39.95 for the eBook, and $44.95 for the CD rom.  I really like that you can print only the forms that you […]

Our 2010-2011 Family Homeschool and Household Notebook with Re-usable daily, weekly, and month lists.

Many of you know, how I enjoy to come up with ways to lessen our paper usage.  Last spring I shared our School Binders and Page protectors.  I got to thinking this year as I was printing and making homeschool forms for our school that it would be nice to do something similar for our […]

From Workboxes to Study Binders—Streamlining the Large Family Homeschool

As a mom of six children, streamlining our home has become a habit.  I constantly look around and try to find ways to make everything flow smoother.  Our house is laid out in a way that is choppy, as in lots of walls, cutting up the “flow” of the floorspace.  I like wide open spaces, […]

I will be Working on More Large Family Homeschool Forms this Week–Tell me what you want!!

I am going to be working more on the Large Family Homeschool Forms this week.  Are you looking for something?  Getting ready to plan for next year?  Some forms that I am working on are: Single Subject Planner Form–will have places for 4 or more students, and plenty of space to plan for one subject […]

Lots of Large Family Homeschooling Forms

As part of my blogs ministry, I will be posting most all of my planning pages that I have designed for our family’s use.  If you like these forms let me know.   You are welcome to use any of these forms, but they are copyrighted  through my blog’s copyright policy on the homepage in the […]

Another Homeschool Form–Weekly Reading Planner

I created this to help keep what and who should be reading what.  Clear as Mud?  Well, that was how our reading schedule was too, until Weekly Reading Plan If you would like a Blank Weekly Reading Plan, let me know.  I will make  one up for you.  I will need, how many children you […]

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