Have you Thanked a Soldier?

This weekend we had the honor of welcoming a soldier home from his most recent deployment.  What an honor it is.

Do you understand the sacrifices this men give, in order to protect your freedom and rights?

Do you realize that many have spent more than four years away from their families since 2001?

Do you know that their families sacrifice too?

Do you know that they will deal with things that happened during their deployment for the rest of their lives?

Do you know that they miss out on their babies first steps, graduations, new babies and more?

Could you do it?

Do you take advantage of the sacrifices they give?

Have you ever stopped to say hi to a soldier when you see them in the store?

Do you shake their hands?

Have you ever told them thank you?

Do you realize they are heroes?

Have you taught your children about the sacrifices?

Have you sent care packages?

Do you pray for them?

I encourage you to really think about these things, and really make some changes where your feelings are for the soldiers.  How can you ease the stress for their family when their father/husband, mom, sister or brother are deployed? 

We can serve these men and women, and show our thanks, and I encourage you to do it.

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  1. Thank you for thanking the soldiers. My husband will have twenty years in the Air Force in May. We have many family members who are retired military or have served for a few years. His father served in Desert Storm and his grandfather in WWII. Thank you again for thanking a soldier. It does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you Ang, for your family’s sacrifice. We appreciate you and will add your family to our prayer list. 😉

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