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If you have read my blog long, you know we take a literature approach to teaching history.  Earlier this year, I learned of Heritage History, a company that is making older historical literature readily available to the homeschool market.  What is amazing is that this company is keeping their prices VERY reasonable, which helps the homeschool family be able to provide this quality literature to their children easily.

Heritage History e-Books are three books in one. Instead of a single e-Book, you will receive three copies of the same book: one printable PDF version and two e-Book versions, MOBI and EPUB, that can be read on anybrand of e-Reader or Tablet. This flexibility allows you change or upgrade your e-Reader technology at any time, or to print sections of each book as desired.

Reading a selection from Early Readers Heritage History CD

Our main History Curriculum is TruthQuest, Heritage History’s literature goes hand in hand with the TruthQuest Guides.  In fact, if I purchased each of the Heritage History CDs, I would have a complete set of books to use with our TruthQuest guides from the beginning to the end, with very little need to purchase much else.  Although, if you know me, you know my house is full of hard copy books.  There are over 400 classic narrative texts with original illustrations and complete text.  These are living books and twaddle free.  They are a homeschool mom’s delight, as one CD will offer a year or more reading for the entire family!  The CD can be used alone or with your current history curriculum.

You are able to read these on the computer, print them and even download to your eReading device.  I have them on two computers, my phone and our tablet. I plan to print a few of the illustrations for picture study as they read the text, to help round out a bit of our studies and to pull in a little art.

The Heritage History website is so full of helpful links, it alone is a valuable asset to any homeschool.  From maps, to reading guides, and other curricula guides to searching by topic, author and title.

The CDs offer so much more than just the eBooks.  The Teacher’s Guide offers reading helps for boys and girls, they help you learn to make reading selections, provide accountability for your students, timelines and more. There is an image library, guide and help text also included on the CD.

Use this discount code Peace123 to get the Early America library for free ($19.99) with the purchase of any curriculum (Young Readers, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire; each $24.99).

Use Code Peace123 for a freebie with the purchase of  a curriculum CD

Use Code Peace123 for a freebie with the purchase of a curriculum CD


Right now, we are reading through American History Stories I, by Marla L. Platt for our annual Thanksgiving study.

Heritage History Book Cover

We are reading the chapters specifically related to Thanksgiving and the beginning colonies.

This first of a four volume series written for older grammar school children covers American History from the landing of Columbus through the French and Indian Wars. The voyages of Francis Drake, the landing of the Pilgrims, the founding of New York and Philadelphia, the Salem witchcraft trials, and King Philips’s War are some of the other topics covered. The series is nicely illustrated and organized in short, easily read chapters.

One of the things I love is the fact that my children are learning the vocabulary as it was written when these books were written.  Even if the books were written for elementary ages, the vocabulary makes it challenging enough for my middle schooler to get lots out of these books and to help hold his interest.

Heritage History Illustration Example on Tablet

As you can see, the illustrations are very nice.  It is a bit grainy here because I tried to zoom the tablet, and camera.  It is much better in person. Winking smile

Heritage History Text

Here you can see how clear the text shows up on our tablet. This makes it nice for those with vision challenges.  On a tablet you are able to adjust the text size.  Depending on the eReader app, you are able to adjust the contract of the background and the text color.

My younger children love to listen to an older sibling read aloud to them.  They often stop and ask questions giving me an opportunity to bring in our commentary from TruthQuest.

Use the code Peace123 at checkout to receive Early America library for free ($19.99) with the purchase of any curriculum (Young Readers, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire; each $24.99).

Disclosure:  I was given a copy of this CD for review purposes.

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