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I can really relate to Rachel’s description of starting to homeschool.  The journey to getting there.

I was raised in an ANTI-Homeschool family.  I was taught to believe that homeschooling made your kids weird, that they would be socially backwards, that they were just dumb ducks stuck at home all day and never learned nothing…

However, when my hubby and I got married, he mentioned he wanted our children to be homeschooled.  I just about ran and never looked back.  Then I got a job at our local school and saw the wisdom in his desire.

One day when I was working in the lunch room, a group of senior…YES senior boys started having a food fight.  I explained to them, that they would be cleaning up the cafeteria.  Quickly the highschool principal came in and stated that they did not have time to clean it up and that they were headed to class. It was my job to clean it up…OH MY…can you believe that?  Neither could I.  She is now the superintendent of schools.

Well, that pretty much made my decision.  I believe that if children…especially of that age make a mess, then they pretty much better be able to clean it up.  Those food fights lasted nearly the rest of the year.  Until, I mentioned to one of the parents that I thought it crazy how seniors were allowed to have food fights with little consequence.

So, I am pregnant with our first child and choosing to homeschool before he is even born.  During my time at the school which was all of five months, I quickly figured out that there were much better ways to teach children then what I was seeing.

So, I start studying about how to homeschool.  I already had several close friends, who were just as “weird” as I was who were already homeschooling.  I started spending a lot of time with them and soon had a tiny grasp of what I was up against.

Over the last couple of years, I have seen what “drives” my children and that really does make it easier to homeschool.

I can’t wait to get to chapter one~ Have a Heart for the Things of God.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. We are 1st generation h.s. in both sides of the family and it hasn’t gone over well, although they are now realizing we aren’t stopping. We too decided to h.s. when I was pregnant given DH’s and I’s views of the schools we went to. I understand about the food fights, I can’t believe what the lunch ladies and custodians have to go through.

  2. My kids are still are not at school age but I have the same dilemma. I was also raised in an anti-homeschooling family but observing the current generation, makes me really sick. I do not want my kids to see that every day..:(

  3. I can so relate to your story. I was a teacher before I had my son. The class I had while pregnant with my son, were disrespectful and threatened to punch my stomach and kill my unborn baby. Nothing happened to those kids. It took me two years to finally see, that I couldn’t have it all-something that I was always told growing up that woman could have it all. Deciding to stay at home was difficult last year, but has been such a blessing for my husband, son, and myself and it’s something that I don’t regret. I only regret not doing it from the very beginning. My experience as a public school teacher is what keeps me having a strong desire to homeschool our son. I too am looking forward to chapter one along with the rest of the book.

  4. oh, I would have wanted to quit badly if I was cleaning up after seniors! Silly! I think it’s funny how many men seem to be okay with homeschooling-when I first mentioned it to my husband i expected him to think it was crazy, but he was really excited. lol. Still, you have a bunch–I have fewer to work with! Blessings!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how God put that experience at the school in your life? All part of His homeschool plan for your family 🙂 “Dumb ducks”–that made me chuckle! It’s neat that you had homeschooling friends before you even started, same as Rachael–we were pretty much it. We didn’t know anyone who homeschooled, but quickly found a support group and attended the first 6 months as a family. But then, my dh took on a new job and couldn’t join us at the meetings. It’s fascinating to read how each hs family started their walk. Thanks for sharing!

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