Refreshed as Never Before, Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

I have been to women’s retreats, and such several times, however, the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit was by far the BEST ever retreat/summit I have been too, and you know what?  I am not the only one saying it.  The two ladies traveling with me, they agreed…in fact they said it before I ever did.  And, I am saying this even though I was sicker than a dog for the end of the retreat…SICK, sick, sick…


The whole weekend, even after I got sick was wonderful.  I learned a lot.  The transparency of the speakers and other moms was something you don’t see very often.  Especially in the homeschool circles.  We all tend to believe that we have to put up this front that says we always have it together.  Honestly, when we do that, we just cause discouragement for those who are struggling.

Praise and Worship at The Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit

The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit, well, that front isn’t there.  These women are REAL, they are transparent and every one of them admitted that they are a bad homeschool mom.  Aren’t we all?  At least part of the time.

I really try hard to be Real, to be transparent here on this blog.  Let me start by showing you a bit of the bad homeschool mom things:

  • I am a yeller…for good, bad and ugly…I yell when I am happy, I yell when I am frustrated. Winking smile
  • Our house is CLUTTERED…with homeschool books and educational manipulatives.
  • My children often misbehave
  • My children don’t always show each other love…or me Winking smile
  • Most mornings are late start days…it doesn’t matter how early we get up, school hardly ever starts before 9-9:30. Winking smile
  • I am not a good record keeper or lesson planner…
  • I struggle with reading in my Bible everyday.  I really want to.  I do however read in my devotional each day. I also read the devotions from Proverbs 31 Ministries and Good Morning Girls. Winking smile

The above, are not what you think of when you think of the perfect homeschool mom…There isn’t a perfect homeschool mom, but there is grace.  Grace from Him who called you to be home with your children all day.  Grace from Him to called you to educate these children.  And let me tell ya, the whole idea out there that homeschooled kids are smarter, faster learners, read by the age of 3-4, and all that…umm, NOT TRUE.  That is a very select few.  Yes, on average they score higher on tests, but that is because of the one on one teaching and that fact that most homeschool moms cater the curriculum to their child’s learning style and to their own teaching style, making an AWESOME set up for learning. Winking smile



So, back to the Summit. I learned that despite reading all the Facebook statues, and blog post about perfect homeschool moms, that there are none.  I learned that I am JUST like at learn 350+ other homeschool moms.  I learned that raising challenging boys is NORMAL.  I learned that Holding Fast to God is the only ticket to get through this journey with a smile on your face.  I learned that there are no perfect homeschool children.

Some of the biggest, most meaningful things I heard this past weekend:

  • God will lead you, if you will be still long enough to hear Him. Take time to be still, so you can hear Him.
  • If you are so busy, you don’t have time for a relationship with God, your husband, and your children….then you are TOO buys. You must find balance.
  • The best gift you can give anyone is a relationship with the Lord…
  • Busy-ness can be an act of Satan…Pray over your busy-ness and help us find that time to be still…
  • We must reserve time for are husbands…don’t run out of energy by the end of the day and leave your husbands hanging. We need to make time for those things that are important to us.
  • We look like we have it all together on the outside…but what does it look like on the inside. Are we rotting inside?
  • My life is too big for me to worry about, I have to trust God. So, if my life is too big, so are my children’s and my husband…
  • When I drink deeply of Him, it flows out of me to my children through my life.
  • Our words have power…there is power of life and death from the words of our tongue…Don’t speak death in your homes, towards your husband, children…
  • In one moment we can destroy what we have spent 13 years building. We must control our emotional words…attacks. Take control of the emotional lashings, ask for forgiveness when we don’t take control. Don’t let Satan have your emotions.
  • When your emotions are starting to take hold, pause and gain control… Today, we don’t take time to pause, we race, everywhere…
  • Emotions are your power over the enemy and not the enemy’s power over you.
  • When we act out of our emotions, we are being selfish. Satan is on a mission to make you react out of your emotions.
  • It’s about drawing a line in the sand and not allowing Satan to use you anymore through your emotions.
  • Satan is on a mission to make you feel inadequate.
  • Make a list of all the good of each of your children, of your husband. That way when you want to only focus on the bad, you have something to look at and read over to help you remember the good.


The biggest thing that hit me, was, that through all these struggles, I am not alone.  Between God, and those 350+ women who were there, they all have my back.  I also, came home knowing that slowing down with many things is not a sign of my failure, it is a sign that I am getting It.  It being taking time for relationships, and God.  The rest will be there, or it isn’t important enough to let the other two things go.

There is so much more that I brought home, but, that gives you an idea why YOU don’t want to miss out on next year’s Summit, Jan. 24-25 2014. Winking smile Oh, and just so you don’t plan to leave on the 25th, you will want to stay for the Mom’s Night Out.  Because it is just a little too much fun…even if you are a little bit sick, cause by then I felt better. Winking smile

Here is a video from the Saturday evening Moms’ Night Out!!


We all knows happens when “that Cousin Matt” comes for a visit. We all got to watch this and laughed so HARD we had tears. Winking smile

The doorprizes were AWESOME!!  Yes, I came home with one, no, you can’t see it. 😉  Let’s just say your husband may well like what you bring home.  Also, every mom there brought a journal and candle home.  The journal is for journaling 1000 gifts.  I am starting mine and encourage you to start yours too.  When you feel so discouraged on some days, what a great thing to have to look back on.

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  1. Oh, my. I could have written your Bad Homeschool Mom list myself. It’s great to know I’m not the only one.
    The retreat sounds absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like something I should check out in the future.

  2. Glad to get to FINALLY meet you, even though I was “half-there”. Three cheers for being transparent! The best thing about keeping transparent with each other, is that Jesus shines through all the more. See you next year.

  3. It was so nice to meet you there! I love your list of what God showed you at the Summit….so true! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Lisa~


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