Modest Swimsuits the Frugal way…Sew Your Own…

A few days ago, I talked about modest on a budget.   I mentioned I had planned to make my oldest and myself swimsuits…well, guess what, THEY ARE DONE. 

There were times during the construction of these swim suits that the $120+ custom made price sounds really good, however really for the most part they were not that difficult.  I must admit though, I have been sewing for over 25 years…I made my first dress when I was eight.

I learned a few new things during this project…

  • Serging in elastic…REALLY a great way to do it.
  • The proper flipping and sewing of “between the legs” on a pair of pants or shorts.
  • How to sew in a bra to a base…Used a not so great bra and tacked it into my suit, so I would have “proper” support, as I am a bit “larger” there. Winking smile 

My daughter’s suit went together much easier then mine…I am not sure why, other then the pieces were smaller.  The other thing, is I lined both front and back on the top of mine…So, it took longer to sew, as I basted the pieces together.

Some things I changed from the pattern…

  • rolled ruffle hem on the sleeves, bottom of the top, and bottom of the skirt.
  • Full length lining for both tops in front
  • FOE elastic for the waistband on the bottom.

I spent $34 on fabric for both of our suits.  I bought the patterns for $20, and notions were already on hand.  So, for $54 I made two modest swimsuits.  To buy them already made it would have been $200 for both.

I think there are better patterns for less experienced moms, honestly, this would have been quite a bit harder had I not had any experience. 

I will be posting pictures a little later…when we go swimming. Winking smile 

As for a pattern, honestly, I am not sure that I would recommend the one I used…the sizes for women are limited, and I had to draw up from the last size, and the shipping was very slow, 

I may at some point draw up a pattern for larger women…maybe…

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  1. I was wondering what pattern company did you use? I have been researching patterns to make my 5yr & 7yr DDs’ modest swimsuits for this Summer.

  2. I ordered one from Love to Learn? and really enjoyed it, but went with too crazy of a pattern and didn’t like how bright it was. I just got me a nice swim “rash guard” top yesterday, but forgot that they are meant to hug the body, so I think I’ll go back and get the next size up for a little bit of room and less form fit. I enjoy my beach shorts and top to slip in the water. Can’t wait to see your photos! I’d like a nice scort/skirt with shorts instead of my beach shorts.

  3. Can’t wait to see the pictures. I remember, when I was a kid, my one aunt used to make all the swimsuits in her family. I’m looking for a swim top for Gracie right now. Swimwear is SO expensive.


  1. […] have been a sewing maniac…I made two modest swimsuits, one for myself and one for my oldest […]

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