Helping the Dysgraphic Child Write–Why Homeschooling is the Write Choice.

One of the biggest struggles for the dysgraphic student is handwriting.  From writing letters,to writing words, to writing a sentence to, writing a paragraph, to writing a whole story, the dysgraphic student struggles with the actual process of writing.  In order to help them work through this struggle, you have to help them learn and master each step.  In this case more is not better.  Less is More.

The less you require of them to write the more they are going to retain. For our dysgraphic fourth grader, I require that he writes 4 complete sentences per school day.  These for now are still copywork sentences.  I did not start out this way, in fact I started out with the more is better philosophy and we struggled, and struggled, which would end with both of us in tears.  More is better is not the case when it comes to handwriting and the dysgraphic child.

When choosing copywork sentences, I use Writing with Ease’s recommendation of the type of words and punctuation to have in the sentences.  This helps to make sure we are covering some grammar aspects too.  In fact Writing with Ease is a great resource to have for teaching writing, that will not overwhelm the struggling student, but will also challenge the average and gifted student.  Ms. Bauer does a great job focusing on the beauty of the English language, thus helping to overcome the sense of overwhelming complication that many people see in the English language.

Another way to help the dysgraphic student to over come some of the challenges in writing is to allow them to learn to type.  We are using Typing Instructor for this.  I was able to get it for a GREAT price, and it seems to be fun for the student.  I believe in our society now, that typing is very important.  There are not many jobs out there that are not going to require at least some typing skills.  We do typing two to three times a week.  I am planning to add in some blog time for our dysgraphic son, later this spring or next fall.

By homeschooling, you are able to modify your goals and curriculum to meet your child’s needs.  These children are smart, VERY smart, and do not need to be placed in a special needs class for all their work.  We have made great strides in many areas by simply modifying the amount of writing expected for assignments.  Our child is learning at a faster pace then he ever was before.  Homeschooling is the write choice to help the dysgraphic child to be challenged in all areas of his learning not just frustrated with the writing that is expected of him.

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