Changing Routines to Help Meet the Ever Changing Needs of Your Family

Along with organizing this week, I have been implementing new routines to help us get prepared for the new homeschool year.

Daily Schedule


The above page is posted through out our home and in each notebook, to hopefully keep us on track.  We are not a set time, kind of a family, we have animals, farm stuff, and other children who tend to interrupt or change our timed schedules, so I tend to do more routines.  These are goal times. Winking smile

I noticed this morning, I left out our Spelling City time on the computer.  I will be adding that in.

You may notice there is little free time on this list.  However, if my children buckle down and work hard, they will have free time after each thing is done on their list.

I do not really have myself scheduled in here.  There are many reason, why I don’t.  Mainly, because I am moving around so much and taking care of things as they happen.  My routines must be more flexible, as I am often needed to make phone calls, emails, and other such items for our family.  I also want to keep myself available for my children’s needs with out some schedule looking me in the face telling me to be here or there, take care of this or that.

Several times a year, I have to change our routines to meet our family’s needs.  This leads to our new chore board, which I have just finished putting together.  I will be posting about it, next week.

How do you schedule your school days?  Are you a routine person or a timed schedule person?

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  1. I will put ours together shortly – similar for now to what we did last year, which worked quite well. I will be adding a baby into the mix (one I babysit), who will be 6 months old when she comes back from summer vacation (she is a teacher’s child). I have no idea how that will alter our schedule, but I’m going to set up what I think is a workable one to start and then adjust as necessary instead of waiting until she’s here to even begin to figure it out.

  2. Great Schedule. I’m getting ready to fix ours up. I’ve been working outside the home from 10-2 or up intil 5 each day. I am seeing the level of activity going from house to house as an arrival checker for vacation guests – and how that compares to my physical activity at home. I have felt encouraged to step it up, and not allow for so much “free” time. We do better with a “this then that” type schedule, I’ve been working on it as I clean houses, in my mind, and haven’t typed it out yet. Thanks for the encouragement to get it down on paper.

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