Easy Peasy Chores System for Non-Readers

Earlier this spring I found a very easy to set up chore system for non-readers.  With our special needs children, I have four non-readers, and many times, the older kiddos end up doing their chores, because the littles can’t read the check list and by the time I find the problem, it needs tended to immediately. Mommy Fail!! Easy Peasy Chores has helped me get past this mommy fail.

Easy Peasy Chores, a chore system for non readers and the young children in your family.

If you decided to purchase the Easy Pease Chores eBook, use code OnThePrairie for 15% off.  Good through Thursday May 23. 

However, this new system has pictures, and words…so, now they can see what they need to do, I am also setting it up in a binder, so I can easily flip to the time of day, or room/area that needs the work.  Easy Peasy Chores @ GoodOldDaysFarm.com

Does Easy Peasy Chores come with tips and instructions?

Easy Peasy Chores comes with GREAT instructions for those moms or other parental unit, that needs help with setting up a chore system routine.  However, for me, I pretty much printed the cards and ran with an idea that hit me when I was scrolling through and looking through the file. (It’s a homeschool mom thing to take off on an idea that is not in the instructions)

Side note, that could be why I am speaking on Curriculum Modifications and Adaptions for the Multi-Abled Family at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha.  Adapting and Modifying is why I am still homeschooling…oh, and a whole lot of grace from God and supreme pressure to continue from God and my husband.

Bring Joy Back into Chore Time with Easy Peasy Chores

Easy Peasy Chores has opened a door that has been locked for quite some time in our home.  Making it so our younger non-reading children can look at the chore chart and know what they need to get done.  It is working and it is great to not hear from the olders about the fact that they are having to do the youngers chores or tell the youngers they need to do their chores.  Less arguing and bickering is a HUGE thing in any home with several children.  Easy Peasy Chores is literally bringing the Joy back into chore time!!

How I set up Easy Peasy Chores

I printed off a set at a time, as in when I opened the file, I printed the 2-3 pages she has grouped together.  Then I cut them out.

Assigning chores

I marked each card with highlighters to assign the chores to each child.  Some chores have all six children working on the same chore, so that card will have six different colored dots on it.

DSCN6170See the six colored dots?  You could also use 1/4 inch sticky dots if you can find enough different colors for your family.  I could only find four different colors of dots, and decided to use the highlighters instead, I had the highlights on hand anyway.

Organizing Chores

I organized my sports card sleeves by daily, time of day, and then what day.


We have chores in the morning before and after breakfast, before and after lunch, after nap, before and after supper, and before bed. We also have different chores each day, some Monday and Wednesday, Some Tuesday and Thursday and a whole lot on Saturday (sometimes half of those on Fridays).


I divided our sleeves into those time slots, so they would be easy to figure out when to do. I did not print off more than one chore card per child, instead I marked the cards with highlighters in the color assigned to each child.

Displaying Easy Peasy Chores

Instead of hanging our Easy Peasy Chores on the wall, I purchased a binder that stands up on a table.  AKA a presentation binder.


By putting the chore card filled sleeves in a binder, we are able to take it into each room as we work in that room, rather than the “constant need to see what to do next and getting distracted in the wrong room issue”.  (Come on moms, none of you know what I am talking about, ehh?)

Decided to purchase Easy Peasy Chores?

Use code OnThePrairie for 15% off. Good through Thursday May 23. 

My Easy Peasy Chores Supply List

Here is the complete list of supplies that I purchased to put together our Easy Peasy Chore System in.

When I set out our Easy Peasy Chores System, I used our working for the most part routine, which I had put together in January.  However, with summer chores upon us, I did add and take out a few things.  I stuck to this chart for the most part though.

When my children complete a chore, they have tickets with their names on them, that they slide into the chore card pocket.  I then know to check to be sure the chore was completed properly.

I had not planned to set this up for all my children, but found it was so easy that I added my older two in.  That way they have at least two charts to look at each day.  No excuses to not know what to do each day!!

I will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha about Developing and adapting a Family Routine/Schedule for the Multi-Aged , Multi-Abled Family.  I invite you to join me there!!

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  1. I loved looking at how you used the Easy Peasy Chore Chart. I’m trying to get one organized for our family. I’m thinking about how to display it and organize the cards for rotating chores among my kiddos. I’m afraid the youngest would have fun removing all the magnets that are suggested in the original set-up.

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