Kids in the Garden~Weeding

Come on, I can’t be the only mom, who has trouble getting my children to actually weed the garden…as in more then five weeds an hour…right?

Well, I may have actually “tricked” my children into helping a bit more.

First, give them a plastic grocery bag.

Then tell split them into groups…boys vs girls works pretty well here. Winking smile

Now, tell them we are having a contest to see whose bag weighs more in an hour.

So, now head out to the garden with your own bag, and put everyone in a zone.



Get them weeding.

When the hour or other specified time is up, combine the boys’ bags into one, and the girls’ bags into another.

Take them inside and weigh them



Girls’ bag. 9.8 lbs


Boys Bag


Oh, looks like the girls won this round. They chose ice cream with granola on top for their afternoon snack.  The boys had granola with apples. 😉

I do believe that mom and dad may very well join in on this challenge…

Do you have any gardening with children tricks?

For more gardening related posts, check out the linky at Smockity Frocks.

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  1. My kids are a little too old to be motivated by this, but it would have been a great idea when they were younger. They hate weeding and will avoid the chore at all costs. I’m looking for ways to make gardening (not just weeding) more interesting for them. So I do the weeding and they do the tasks that are more fun, like harvesting potatoes.

  2. You better watch it or those boys will be putting dirt clods in their bags to weigh them down! 😉

  3. I love it! A little healthy competition is a good thing. Love the new header.

  4. That is a great idea. I would still be afraid that our kids would bring me a bag with all our plants in them:)

    New follower from the Crew. I really like your blog. Look forward to reading more.


  5. Love it!!! Stopping buy from the TOS intro thread! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  6. Great idea! So what did they win? I probably would have let them pick the dessert for after dinner or something like that.

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