The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell

I cna’t reccomend this enough. It will change the way you view your roll as a mother. Did you know that God designed women wired to be “motherly”, whether or not you have children, you have a deep desire to be motherly, unless you have allowed society to brain wash that out of you. Here is a bit of my review, but I limit all I want to say, to encourage you to get this book and study it yourself. If you are a homeschooler, and have the book and would like to join an online study, Let me know as I am leading one.

The Power of Motherhood by Nancy Campbell

I just started this study with a group of women online. I think this will be a wonderful way to encourage and support each other with our journey in Motherhood. This study guides you into the scriptures to see God’s mind and heart for women and mothers. This is a study that is soundly based on scriptures, which in turn guides us to understand god’s desire for Mothers. Chapter 1 shows us that Motherhood originated in God’s heart. Mother’s are God’s idea. I encourage you to purchase this book so that you too, may grow to love your journey in motherhood. Due to copyright laws, I am unsure how much I can really post here, so will limit it to this. I do feel though that this guide would benefit women at any age.

So, hurry and get your copy at

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