Homeschool Workboxes in the Garden

Over the last couple of weeks, we have done a ton of gardening.  Yesterday we planted some seeds.  I placed the seed packets in their workboxes for their school.  So, we had math, science, and all in one project.  We planted flowers, gourds, eggplant, lavender, cilantro, dill, and more for seeds.  In all there are 115 cups that should be sprouting in the next one to three weeks.

We have also planted 13 tomatoes, 180 red and yellow onions, 5 hot peppers, 9 green bell peppers, 12 potatoes, 6 asparagus, 2 horseradish, and 15 strawberry plants.  Part of our workbox activities, has been working in our garden, from planning and picking out the different varieties, to actually digging in the dirt and planting.  We will be continuing to use our workboxes to keep up with different gardening tasks.  We still have green beans to plant every two weeks, so that the preserving is not a huge overwhelming task.  We will also be making salsa, and other items from our produce.


Here are some of our newly started seeds.

Have you used your workboxes in your garden?  What about gardening as part of your homeschool?  Here is another post that tells a bit of how we have been incorporating our garden into our school.

This post is part of the Wednesday Workbox Day at Homegrown Mom.  It is also my WFMW post this week.

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