Chocolate Peppermint Loaf

I love baking and cooking.  I often find myself stuck in a rut with breads though. However, I love chocolate and love peppermint, so this Chocolate Peppermint Loaf is now becoming a family favorite.   Just think, you can use all those leftover candy canes for something now!! Great for after school snacks or something to […]

5 Tips for Homemaking Struggles

Homemaking, the cooking, cleaning, laundry, all of it, can be a huge homemaking struggle.  It can leave you horrified, that things got to this point.  Most of us, if we are honest, will even admit to having homemaking struggles of some sort.  Since I am writing this post, I will say, that I have had […]

Create a Flexible Household Routine

We have hit the season of the year where pretty much all ideas of a schedule can be thrown out the window…  for instance, tonight my husband walked in letting me know we have to run for parts tomorrow.  Umm, a little FYI…  we have be gone on parts runs or unplanned doctor appointments a […]

Eight Apps for Moms

I am a bit techy… never would have dreamed that I would enjoy technology 20 years ago.  However, with a larger than average family who homeschools, and has a farm, if I did paper lists for everything… it would be a scary paper mess… So, I have had to tame the paper monster.  I have […]

Why build an online support system for moms?

    Why would moms need an online support system? Because we are busy. Busy working from home to help make ends meet Busy serving in church Busy raising our children Busy helping on farms or with husband’s business Some are raising children alone. Who needs an online support system? Moms who are homeschooling Moms […]

From Planning Failure to Planning Success

At the beginning of 2016, I received an AWESOME, AMAZING planner to review.  I had all these ideas as to how I would use it… Then the fact that many of our unplanned welcome to our crazy life educational opportunities and lessons weren’t getting recorded,  I found a way to implement that into the most […]

Homemade Eggnog with Cooked Eggs

I love Egg Nog, (no alcohol) but it is expensive and well the store bought kind has some yucky ingredients.  To make this treat a little less expensive and better for us I have come up with a homemade eggnog recipe.  Now that we have hens laying and our cow should calve soon, we can […]

I am a Planner Failure

A Planner Failure?  Yep, I am admitting it. Whether it be a schedule or curriculum, homemaking, errands, I have failed… and not just once or twice. Actually if I were brutally honest, I fail daily with plans… but am a I failing or am I not listening to God as I plan?? I wake with big […]

Leftover Turkey Cheesy Mac Casserole

Maybe you have eaten all the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving?  Maybe you have some frozen in the freezer for a rainy day?  Maybe you need to gather ideas for the next turkey?  Well, this Leftover Turkey Cheesy Mac Casserole works for chicken and turkey it is good either way… or shall I say GREAT!!  It is a […]

Black Friday Deals for Moms

I am always asked what I want for Christmas, birthday and so forth.  I tend to want something other than clothes… Here I have a list of things that any mom/homeschool mom could use or want.  Right now these are all Black Friday Deals.  Click the graphics to learn more!!   Homeschool Planner and Magazine […]

40% Off Super Holiday Sale

I love a good deal, and well, I have one for you this weekend.  One of my goals with my blog is to provide a few printables at a reasonable price.  Well, that price just got better, all products are 40% off through December 2nd. There are Recordkeeping pages, house hold organization, Pearl Harbor Study, […]

Using The Thanksgiving Plan Book

Planning a holiday and hosting it in your home can be a big challenge, whether you work full time out side the home or stay home with your children.  This fall has been a lot busier for our family than probably any other fall in my married life.  This is our first fall actually having […]

Holiday eBook Bundle to Help Your Family Stay Focused

Thanksgiving, Christmas and all are just around the corner.  It is time to get organized and focused on the true reasons for these special holidays.  This bundle of 25 books for JUST $25 will be sure to help you.  There are planning pages, homeschooling helps, pages to help your children record their memories, crafts to […]

Not Just Tacos Latino Recipe and Culture eBook FREE for Five Days

My family often teases that I am a fair skinned blonde Mexican.  I love to eat Mexican and I love to fix Mexican foods.  Up until recently though, I really had no idea any background behind the foods I was creating, or whether or no they were authentic. Not Just Tacos by Shirley Solis of […]

From Cloth Diapers to Herbal Medicine, Help for the Natural Mother

The longer I am a mother, the more I want to use better, safer, less chemically infused products in our family.  The eBook bundle I am telling you about today, will offer you a great bundle of resources to get your started on moving your family to  more natural, less chemical products in your home.  […]

Easy Peasy Chores System for Non-Readers

Earlier this spring I found a very easy to set up chore system for non-readers.  With our special needs children, I have four non-readers, and many times, the older kiddos end up doing their chores, because the littles can’t read the check list and by the time I find the problem, it needs tended to […]

Ten Reasons to Buy Homemaking Resource Bundle

A couple of days ago, I told you about an AWESOME Homemaking eBook bundle.  Today, I want to share ten reasons you should purchase this bundle before this deal ends on May 4!! Ten Reasons to purchase The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle You get 97 eBooks and several Freebies for $29.97, a $640 value! We […]

Homeschool Deals and Freebies!

Homeschool Moms always seem to be on the look out for some great homeschool deals.  Over the last week, I have found a few, and also asked some companies to offer a few homeschool deals and freebies.  Below you will find deals from A Journey through Learning, All About Reading, Teach them Diligently, and more. […]

Ultimate Homemaker Help Coming Soon!!

Are you a homemaker?  Attempting?  Homeschooling Mom? Mom or Wife?  Then what I am about to tell you about is going to get you EXCITED.  Starting on April 29, there is a HUGE eBook bundle for the homemaker, mom, wife, homeschooler, woman, you name it there is a book for you in this 97 eBook […]

Toilet Cleaner I Accidently Discovered

How do you accidentally discover a toilet cleaner? When you have only one toilet, and it is plugged, your hubby is super busy away from home, you have no toilet plug stuff on hand, the plunger isn’t working, and there are seven people in line to use the one and only toilet that is PLUGGED.  […]

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