My 2017 Word Better

It has become a thing over the last few years to choose a word to focus on. I don’t even remember what my word was last year. Oops… And yes, it is February and many have had their word for over a month.  However, My 2017 word it is better.  Why?

2016 was a rough year

There were many blessings, but there were a lot of hard times too. Many struggles in my motherhood journey.  Farm struggles, homeschool struggles and more.

2016 Taught Me

One thing 2016 taught me??  I can do a lot.  I can go without a lot of sleep, but become a raging monster.  It isn’t good for any of us.  I can drive a truck through harvest and still have things on the home front in a bit of working order. Not perfect, but we recovered and learned how to better prepare for future harvests.

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Better 2017 Word of the Year

Plans for Better?

So, Better what?  How will this 2017 word become a focus?

  • Better time with God–more scripture, more prayer
  • Better Wife
  • Better Mom
  • Better homemaking
  • Better Homeschool times
  • Better care of myself
  • Better Thoughts:  When the crop prices are low, there isn’t anything I can do, but Pray… don’t let my thoughts run negative when I really have no control of the situation
  • Better friendships–pour more into true friendships
  • Better organization-less stress over book keeping, keeping up, and so forth

I wasn’t going to pick a 2017 word, but our year so far is trying to go much like 2016, and I want better. Not that 2-16 was a bad year, but my attitude about it has been of late. Just a lot of little things popping up one right after another, and well, I need to focus on better…  The better things that pop up over and over.

To start off better, I am first going to really focus to write scripture each day.  I am using Heidi St. John’s Scripture Writing Plan.   This writing takes me about 7 minutes to write and then I highlight specific points from the writing, and take a few notes in my journal.

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