Getting Fit as a Busy Mom

Hey Mom, yes you!!  You are busy right?  Are you finding it hard to get enough exercise?  Staying fit is not going as it used to?  Have Diastases Recti?  Well, one of my friend’s has something to help us all out!!  Getting Fit as a Busy mom may no longer be as hard.

Fitness for the Busy Mom

Another Mom Saw the need for Getting Fit as a Busy Mom

Heather has worked with a personal trainer to bring a brand new EXTREMELY affordable fitness program together for busy moms.  I just signed up and am so super duper excited to get started!!!

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Life of a Homeschool Mom

My need for fitness

Before my seventh baby I was well on my way to getting fit.  However, since getting pregnant with him and having him 3 years ago, it has all packed back on and I am not impressed with where I am.  However, my Diastasis Recti is worse and I have been afraid to make things worse by doing the wrong exercises.

Details about this program:

  • an 8-week at home fitness plan with clear instruction that requires NO equipment
  • an exercise video library of all 30 exercises {includes modifications}

  • a highly effective total body workout that is done in 5 minute increments a few times each day

  • access to a certified personal trainer and other like-minded homeschooling moms through an active and engaging Facebook group. {optional}

  • modifications and strengthening exercises for common issues plaguing homeschooling moms including: Diastasis Recti, knee and shoulder issues.

  • tips and ideas for family fitness and homeschool PE ideas

  • beautiful, 17 page fitness tracker to help you stay on track and monitor progress {can be used with any fitness program}

  • a one-time {super low} payment- no monthly fees!

  • completely self-paced program {we have it scheduled for you, but we know life happens. If you need to skip a day or a week, just pick up where you left off} and you have lifetime access to all materials

  • coming soon- a mobile app

See, why I am so excited about this new program?  Yes, it says it is for homeschool moms, but really I believe any mom could use this.

What about physical issues and limits

I have been doing a lot of research to find out how to help my weak core.  It seems this program lines up with much of my research.  I plan to have my chiropractor take a look at this.  I want him to see the exercises I will be doing to be sure I don’t further injure anything.  I have some hip, shoulder and Diastasis Recti issues… I need to be sure I don’t re-injure as I progress.  There is nothing more discouraging than getting injured while trying to get in shape.

Other Helps

I will also be doing a lot of walking, and taking my Plexus Vitamins.  It took me a long time to realize how helpful the XFactor was to me feeling my best.  Taking care of the inside is important for getting fit as a busy mom!

What is one of your fitness goals?  Do you struggle to find the time?

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