Thoughts on this Parenting Journey

This Parenting Journey, it isn’t for the faint of heart.  I don’t know how I would do it without God and my husband.  With seven children ages 2-17, there is utter chaos during many waking hours… chaos may be interpreted as messes, noise, and tons, yes tons of fun, laughs and kneeling on my knees.

This parenting journey isn't a cake walk. Here is a few thoughts from a Christian mom of severn as you wanders on this parenting journey with her children and husband.

Thoughts on this parenting journey parenting…

  • Don’t bother if you don’t have a relationship with God. There will be times when He is likely the only one who can guide you in the parenting journey.
  • Parenting teens and toddlers at the same time… ?. At least the toddler naps and teens can be assigned extra chores that you didn’t get to when you were dealing with their drama.
  • It is a good thing Toddlers are cute. God knew what he was doing.
  • Coffee is a must… Well, at least chocolate is.
  • Scripture is something you must grow to know.  It is very handy in times of discipline and correction.
  • God designed families focused between a male and a female (parents) for a reason…
    Reproduction only works that way.
    You will need to tag team at some point…
    Daddy gets puke, mommy gets poop or something similar.
  • Parenting will exhaust you beyond what you thought possible, and at times during those “fun” seasons, you still won’t be able to sleep…
  • You will learn to be alert and master how to keep from looking sleep deprived. Makeup helps. Sorry dads, you will just grow a beard…
  • Moms may decide messy floors are a designer statement in the home.
  • Real friends will ignore the boogers, poop stains and blood smeared on your clothing.
  • Depending on the size of your family, you will learn the entire ER staff by the first name.
  • You will need God. He will be the only one who will always listen.
  • Never use up all the corners in your home… Most likely more than one nose will need to be directed to it, while you hide in the bathroom eating chocolate.
  • Rarely will your entire family enjoy a meal you made. Just suit your own tastes…But make something each likes in rotation
  • Prayer will be your lifeline.
  • One child will be known by poison control…
  • It is all worth it… You may not realize this every day, week, month or year, but it is worth it. Don’t give up.

Remember, no one said this journey as a parent was easy.  There will be days you mess it all up.  Apologize, and start fresh with prayer and scripture to right your days.

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