Frugal Heavy Duty Tomato Cages

Are you tired of buying tomato cages that are not big enough to actually support the tomato plants?  Tired of them falling apart and having to buy new ones each year?  Do you struggle with tomato plants that don’t grow in circles?

Much like my strawberry bed, these came about, because I wanted to use something we had around the farm.

Last year our tomatoes grew out of their cages and the cages all fell apart.  We had just bought them, so we were a bit grumpy over this.  So, through the winter, I brainstormed ideas to use for tomato cages that would not fall apart, would mostly contain our tomatoes, and be fairly easy to set up.  One afternoon we were walking behind the machine shed, when I noticed a pile of wire cattle panels.  I mentioned to my husband later that they would work for our tomatoes.  He agreed, and about a month ago we set them up.

102_5677 Each panel is 16 foot, therefore holding about four to five tomato plants.  I use straight, round electric  fence posts to help support each plant, put in at angles, through the sides of the panels.

102_5678 You can see the fence post sticking out on the very right hand side of this picture.

It took my husband around thirty minutes to set these up, though he had a 2.5 year old and a sixteen month old helping. 😉

Our tomatoes will be so much easier to pick this year.  Our hopes are that they will be less disease prone, and have more even ripening.  Do you have a gardening secret?

works for me wednesday at we are that family

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  1. SMART!!! i love this. I found it on google and I am in love. what a great idea. So much better than 30+ cages taking up space and falling apart

  2. Great soltuion!

  3. Could you post some closer up pictures of this? I like the idea, we have some fence that I think would work the same way, but I need closer pics to be able to tell for sure… Please! =)

  4. Guiding Light says:

    Amazing garden! Just stopping by from The Crew…love your site, still…been here before, like coming back! 🙂

  5. awesome idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Kim Jones says:

    Beautiful garden & great idea! Think I’ll try it next year! Thanks!


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