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Planning a holiday and hosting it in your home can be a big challenge, whether you work full time out side the home or stay home with your children.  This fall has been a lot busier for our family than probably any other fall in my married life.  This is our first fall actually having to cut fall crops, and being a member of the unknown, made up by me Fall Harvest Club…  AKA, we meet ourselves coming and going and understand the totally dysfunctional communication between other fall harvest families.  Did I mention that I have been told this could be the fall harvest that goes down in history as the longest fall harvest?  Yep, I see my husband for maybe one meal a day and I can watch him sleep… if I take him a meal to the field, I get to see him awake for the 15 minutes he eats.  The Thanksgiving Plan Book, A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude was born from my need to keep it together.  It was born to help me be able to keep the joy in bring thankful.

The Thanksgiving Plan Book A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude


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I made The Thanksgiving Plan Book, A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude somewhat plain so you can deocrate it, or allow your children to help you.  My girls love to help me decorate our to do lists, and calendars each week on Saturdays.  I will give pictures of some ways we have decorated our planner.

How to Use and Decorate your The Thanksgiving Plan Book, A Simple Plan for a Thanksgiving of Gratitude.

To use this planner in your 8.5 x 11 inch binder, print, either single sided or double sided, punch and insert.  Now you are ready to customize (decorate)  it to match your preferences.

To use in your Plum Paper Planner or Erin Condren Life Planner, just print on both sides, trim on the borders, punch and insert in your planner.

I am using scrapbooking supplies I have on hand and Washi Tape.  I also use stickers pertaining to the current season.

Here is a look at my current planner.  I took about 30 minutes to decorate and plan my week.  I am working on an insert with our daily chores and on the back our weekly chores.  Extra chores go in the boxes on our planner.

Decorating your weekly planner can bring a smile every time you look to see what you need to do.

 I love the Sharpie Fine Point Stylo Pens, but only have one in black.

How I have started to use our The Thanksgiving Planner.


Here is the eBook printed out on 8.5×11 inch paper.  You can either punch holes now and place in a regular binder or trim to  fit your planner.  It is printed on both sides of the page.



2014-11-01 11.53.15

2014-11-01 11.53.42

To use in your Plum Paper Planner or Erin Condren Life Planner, trim the pages on the borders.

2014-11-01 11.54.17

Now you need to punch your The Thanksgiving Plan Book to fit your planner.  Since my Plum Paper Planner is not here yet, I am waiting to do this.

2014-11-01 11.59.09

Aren’t these leaves cute?  They will add a lot of fun to my planner.  I got them for 40% off at Hobby Lobby… a store that is umm dangerous for us creative types.

Decorating The Thanksgiving Plan Book

Our checklist page is prettied up just a bit.  You can decorate a little or a lot!!

2014-11-01 12.17.08

I am still planning our menu, so haven’t done much but add a couple of leaves to the top.  Once our plans are a bit more taken care of, I will fill in some of the white space with stickers and such.  By decorating your plan book, it becomes a mini scrapbook of your Thanksgiving Celebration.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I will be adding more and more to my The Thanksgiving Plan Book.

Are you convince you need this planner?


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