5 Tips for the Frugal Homeschool

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be very expensive!!  However, you can easily trim the cost down a lot with a few tips.  I am going to share 5 tips for the frugal homeschool that we have adopted over the years.  They are fairly simple to do and will help you save money.

Find a curriculum that can be used for more than one child.

  • Teaching Textbooks is great for this.  You buy the CDs and use them on the computer for years as each child moves into each level…
  • TruthQuest History is a history curriculum that can be used in a family school setting.

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Modify Curriculum to be used by more than one child

  • You can use these clear pockets for math drills.  By doing this, you won’t need to make as many copies, they can practice the same set over and over, and you won’t have to buy more.


  • For Science, I like to use two to three spines that work for different grades about the same topic.  Then I use Notebooking Pages to give age-appropriate assignments.


    • Using the library for the books your children need for their reading material and your read alouds.
    • I often hit library book sales to stock our own library saving $100s on nice hardback books.


Homeschool Conventions

    • You can save shipping on new homeschool products by attending a convention.  Often vendors are running sales too!   I have teachers who give me things sometimes.  I have found some goodies at garage sales too.


Saving money on curriculum can be done.  Learning how to pick out curriculum for your family can help.

I hope these tips help you family save a little more on homeschool needs.  It is always fun to have a little left in the budget so you can do an extra field trip or two.

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