Across the USA, Teaching U.S.A Geography

My children LOVE geography!  We have numerous maps all over our home, and they all have atlases to look through.  However, we haven’t done much with state facts, or many worksheets.  But, that is all about to change with this BRAND new Homeschool Geography resource!!

Across the USA is a brand new curriculum designed to take away the 50 States Geography & History blues. This 648-page book will make it easy and simple to cover each state for children ages PreK-6th grade.In All You Do


USA State Study Notebooking Pages

Do your children hate Geography?

Do they know all 50 states and their capitals?

Can they find them on the map? Boring you say? Tedious? What if I were to tell you that learning about the 50 states can be fun and exciting? What if I were to say you students can learn a little history about all 50 states, their location on a map and some fun facts and more all in one simple, easy-to-use curriculum?


What is Across the USA?

It is possible to learn geography and history of all 50 states without tears and moaning!

This 648-page book will make it easy and simple to cover each state for children ages PreK-6th grade. This brand new Geography Curriculum will teach regional geography, brief state history, fun facts for all 50 states!! All currently 50% off through April 9, 2017!!

I am so excited to have this GREAT new resource for our family!!  We can easily implement this to go along with several of our current homeschool studies, and make sure we aren’t skipping something essential.

How I am planning to use Across the USA

I plan to print it off state-by-state, to help keep from being overwhelmed, because 648 pages is a lot, but this is a lot of AMAZING information!!  First we will print and work on the region for a week (we do geography 2-3 days a week), then I will work on the states in that region, probably 2-3 a week??  I will have to see how it works for our family.  It could vary by our weeks and interests too.


Across the USA will be an amazing addition to nearly any homeschool.  Whether you need a full geography curriculum, or something to guide you along with a different program.  We will be using it along the side of our Five in a Row units among other books we will read.





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  1. Sounds like a great resource! We did state by state virtual tours when Yak was younger. Enjoy!

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