Building a Writing Center for the Large Family with Special Learning Needs

One of our biggest struggles in our homeschool is teaching writing… It is hard for me.  Why?  Because I know I am NOT a strong writer.  That, right there, is likely why I don’t blog too often.  I love the idea of a writing center for the homeschool family.  I have been studying the introductions in WriteShop, the writing curriculum we are using this year.  This gave me the idea to put together a writing center.  WriteShop has several ideas as to how to set up writing centers. 

Building a Writing Center for the Large Family with Special Needs

Frugal Writing Center

First off though… we don’t have much extra room or money this year.  (Crop prices tanked and we are in a super tight wad mode) So, this is super budget friendly, all done with items we had on hand.

Gathering Writing Supplies

I decided to start with selecting some fun writing utensils.  Colored pencils, pens, and such.

Add various fun writing utensils to your writing center

I then went around and gathered all our lined, and other types of writing paper.  To make it more fun, I added a few pieces of scrapbook paper.

Various Papers that are in the Paper Bin in our Writing Center

Here is the milk crate we are using for a paper bin.  It has different sized lined paper separated in hanging file folders, and all the different types of paper in different folders.  Having various spaced lined paper on hand for each child’s needs, helps encourage everyone to write.  I also placed lots of pages from Notebooking Pages in the crate for our children to choose from for their writing needs.

Writing Center Bin full of Various Papers to Inspire Reluctant Writers to Write

This writing center idea, then led to momma deciding to redo a couple of rooms in our home.

Finding a Writing Area or Two

First I cleaned out the sun porch.  I then grabbed all the crafty and scrapbooking stuff and stuck it on the porch, making a craft area, that also includes two school desks, and a side table.  Boom, a place to write.

Two old school desks and a side table on our sun porch make a nice are for writing

Next, I decided our office/junk room needed a make over.  So, I cleaned it all out, straightened it up, setup a table and BOOM we have a school room where the writing stuff it stored.  There is a bulletin board with the writing process and some writing tips in there.  Bulletin Board with Writing Process

I found these online a year or so ago, and stashed them in a folder.

Various papers and writing utensils also.  There is a table with four folding chairs, and two desks, one with a computer.

The Tables and Chairs in our School Room that can be used for Writing at Any Time

Now, they can gather what they want to use from the porch and come into the school room and work, or gather from the school room and work on the porch.  Two writing areas now that will seat all and give them plenty of room to work.

Writing Center with Special Learning Needs in Mind

I see all these lovely writing centers online.  However, in a home with special learning needs, there may not be enough room to give students the space they need to work.  So, I organized a couple of areas to make give them options.

Some of our special learning needs are:

  • Vision Challenges
  • Attention struggles
  • Sensory Processing
  • Dysgraphia

Writing Center Goals

When I started I had four main goals:

  1. Clean up our office and make it usable, not a general stash room.
  2. Clean off the porch and make it a nice usable area for our children
  3. Make these areas learning friendly… Keeping in mind any special learning needs.
  4. Keeps his frugal, hardly spending any money.  We had the table, file crate, and bulletin board.  I bought the four chairs from a friend for super CHEAP!!

If you decide to put a writing center, I suggest outlining a plan before you start with your family’s specific learning needs in mind.

Grab some Writing Prompts for Your Writing Center

Check out the Writing Prompt of the Day emails for two age ranges: grades 3-8 or grades 7-12. Get more details here. This is perfect for back to school for moms who really want to make a daily habit of journaling with their kids but tend to forget or not know what to write about.  I am adding writing prompts in a folder to our paper bin.

Though I am a Brand Ambassador for WriteShop, writing centers can be helpful for any writing curriculum.  I have received WriteShop curriculum to try and am compensated for my time.

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