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My email box is so full right now.  Social Media is full and all the blogs are full… of nearly the same thing–Build Your Own Bundle Homeschool sale stuff… But… upon further investigation, I have found that this sale is AMAZING if you can find a way to filter through all the crazy buzz.  So, here, I am to help you do just that!!!
Are you overwhelmed trying to shop at the Build Your Bundle Sale? Here are some free worksheets and step by step instructions on how to pick the best products from the Bundles for your family!!

If you haven’t heard about the Build Your Bundle Sale. Then, you are in for a REAL Treat.  Please note, it only lasts for a week.

First, I want you to print this Bundle Building Cheatsheeteat sheet that has all the bundles, products and prices.  There are even links to each product so you can read more about it.  You will be referring to this as you use my custom designed to not overwhelm you Build Your Own Bundle Shopping Guide.   Please print the Custom Shopping Guide also.

USA State Study Notebooking Pages

Let me make it clear how the Build Your Own Bundle Works.

You are able to PICK and Choose from 254 products priced up to $175.

There is also a buy 2 Build Your OWN Bundles you will get 1 for FREE DEAL!

Let me do some math for you:

Purchase 3 Basic Bundles of Five for just $50! That is 15 products priced $19.99 and under at a savings up to 75%!

Purchase 3 Basic Bundles of Ten for $78! That is 30 products priced $19.99 and under at a savings up to 81%

Purchase 3 Premium Bundles of Five and get the best savings!

  • 15 Products with NO PRICE CAP
  • Choose from 254 products priced up to $175
  • Total potential value: $1,334 for just $78.00! You can save up to 94% with the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal when you Build Your Own Premium Bundles!

Ok, now I am going to show you how I used these worksheets.  (grab the Bundle Building Cheatsheet and my very own Build Your Own Bundle Shopping Guide. 

Here I have gone through the Bundle Building Cheatsheet and marked which products from each bundle I am interested in.

Next, I started listing the products, prices and such that I was fairly sure I want to grab.


Now I put my Build Your Own Bundle of 10 for $39 of regularly priced products $19.99 or under.

Check out my savings!!  I am saving $72.46 on this bundle!!  That is a 65% savings! Depending on the products you want, you could save up to 81% on Building this Bundle!!

Here, I built my 5 for $39 any price product bundle. In this bundle after further thinking it through (note the cross out?), I pulled it together to end up saving me 77% off retail price!!

Now, if I would purchase one more Build Your Own Bundle, I would be able to take advantage of the Buy 2 Get One Free deal, increasing my savings by a LOT!!  I plan to do just that because I will be having my children pick out a few products.  That Big Grammar Reference Pack I was going to throw in the above bundle, will be placed in the “free” bundle I still need to build.

Now that you have your list made, you are ready to go to the Build Your Bundle Website and make your purchase.  Don’t forget everyone gets the Bundle of Bonuses!! 

If you have any questions, I would love to help you out.  You can contact me using the form below.

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