Frugal Homeschool–My newest adventure–not wasteful; thrift or saving; costing little and very plain.

I am frugal not just because I have to be, but I also believe God desires us to be frugal.  With our homeschool, I like to have some of the pricier curriculums on the market, because I like them.  However, that means I have to find ways to get them or ways to save in other homeschool areas to be able to afford them.

I have worked to compile a list of ways that I work to save and be frugal in our homeschool:

USA State Study Notebooking Pages

One of my most recent ways to be more frugal is to use a binder and page protectors.

Any worksheet that we would normally copy gets put in a page protector and then in my binder that is indexed.  Our Grammar worksheets, math drills, the pages I make for copywork all go into this binder.  When the worksheet is assigned, I grab the page protector and give the student the page and a wet erase marker to complete the page with.

By doing this, we are saving a ton by:

  • Saving Ink
  • Saving paper
  • Not having to replace the worksheets–the page protectors are protecting the pages from wear and tear.
  • My time, by not having to make as many copies.
  • If the student needs further review, it is easy to just wipe it clean and give the page back.

By saving ink and paper, and the price of workbooks, it is enough to help save for special curriculum wants we have.  Also, the organization of this makes it so easy to fly by the seat of your britches some days when things just aren’t going quite right.  Hand them several drill sheets and there school has not been missed.

Below are some pictures of our binder full of reproducible worksheets.  I hope this gives you ideas on how you can be frugal in your school.

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  1. […] from ebooks to nature notebooks can be put in binders.  I even know some homeschool moms who use page protectors as a way to reuse workbook pages.  I actually keep a stash of page protectors and notebook tabs on hand because you just never know […]

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