Our Mish Mash, Collaboration of Homeschooling Styles.

Yep, you read that right.  I don’t use just one style of homeschooling, I don’t fit into any of the different styles of homeschooling that I know about:

  • Classical
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Eclectic
  • Textbooks
  • Unit Studies
  • Unschooling

I guess in reality, you “could” call us eclectic, as it seems to be a collaboration of the different styles.  However, in my mind, I don’t want to be boxed into any one style, so I think we are just a Mish Mash Style. 😉  Am I independent?  Umm, yeah, you could say that.

So, what does our Mish Mash style consist of?

  • A little Charlotte Mason—History, Science, Nature Study, Reading
  • A bit of Classical–History
  • Several Unit Studies—Anything from science to history, to an interest my children show
  • A lot of life—History, science, home ec, math, everything you can think of
  • Some Textbooks–language arts, phonics
  • Some Unschooling—Goes with life
  • And, I might as well add Eclectic—you get the idea. 😉

See, I told you we were a mish mash of the different styles.

Why do I do things in this manner for our homeschool?  Because I want everything we do to be tailored to our children’s needs, interest and levels.  I don’t want to fit into a curriculum just because it is supposed to work for someone else.  Let’s face it, we are all different.  I also believe, that many different subjects can over lap and therefore cut out on the busy work seen in most textbooks.  I don’t do everything a textbook tells me too either.  Again, you can see my independent nature here.   Right now, my oldest is studying blacksmithing in his free time, this covers everything from science, history to math and some things I don’t know what subject they fit in.  My oldest daughter is learning to tat.  This is includes math and home ec and reading.

As you can see, I like to allow my children to learn from their interests.  The  information they gain from their own studies of things they are interested in will stick much easier, and longer then if they are learning from a textbook.   Why?  Because they are learning how to apply it to real life situations rather then just how the textbook teaches them.

For those that wonder, I do not believe my style is the easiest.  Honestly, my lesson plans often get all messed up, but that doesn’t mean that my children didn’t learn anything.  Those days are the days that my children learned the most.  However, I often struggle with how to put that on paper.

What kind of homeschool style fits you?  Why?

My fellow TOS Crew members are discussing their styles too.  Learn more about them by clicking the below button.

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  1. Every one understands that men’s life is not very cheap, however some people require money for various stuff and not every one earns enough cash. Thence to receive quick loans or just credit loan should be a proper solution.

  2. farmmom4him says:

    Thanks so much for the great comments. I know there will be those, that wonder how those of us schooling this way manage it, but if I were in a boxed curriculum, I would walk around like a chicken with my head cut off. 😉

    I love the learning going on while worming the horses. My son found my Parasitology book from long ago and was reading it. He then asked if he should be wormed lol. 😉

  3. There are days I worry we are all over the place. And there are times I am most thankful for what they aren’t learning (if they were attending public school).

    I recently read where middle school students were required to participate in a six-week cultural class about Islam. This class was so involved, it required students to choose Islamic names, repeat Muslim prayers, wear a head covering while in class…etc. Mine won’t be doing that.

    My 14 & 15 y/o are a little immature compared to their public school counter parts. They rarely talk about sex, unless to ask a question. This usually pertains to the breeding of some of their animals and the fact that our dairy goats are short day breeders. They don’t do drugs. They rarely see an “R” rated movie. They are not on a bus with 40 other students with little supervision 45 minutes twice a day.

    Yes, one “school” day last week, we spent the afternoon worming the horses. They watched. They helped. Isn’t that better than sitting in an Ag class reading about how to worm horses, while someone else is throwing paper wads? They took turns driving the jeep through the pasture. We had to read the instructions to know the amount of worm medicine to administer depending on the weight of each horse. While we were worming, we went ahead and fed and watered. We talked about how flies lay eggs on a horse’s back and legs and while scratching, these eggs are sometimes swallowed, becoming parasites and can do a great deal of damage. Yes, humans have parasites too. That’s why it is important to wash your hands, especially after working with animals. That’s why you don’t saddle your horse, mount up, and then put the reins in your mouth because you are trying to do something else with your hands.

    So, I figure during an hour & half, we had covered a little/or a lot in:

    Ag – Equine and General Livestock Management/Animal Care

    Health – Reminder of how important it is to wash your hands and to keep hands (and equipment) away from face, especially mouth; parasites

    Drivers’ Ed – They all drove the jeep while out.

    Practical Math – Weight of horse/amount of worm medicine

    Reading – Comprehending Instructions

    When we got back to the house, they watched Schoolhouse Rocks, a film about lightning and baked a pan of brownies.

    So we add:

    Lesson Reinforcement
    Home Ec

    The morning (part of it) had been spent milking, feeding dogs – cats – chickens, doing two pages of penmanship, working on this week’s memory verse, and computer skills.

    Our school day was about 4 hours. What public school could possibly provide the same opportunity to learn?

    I’m sorry this is long. But just because we don’t fit into the same box as public school or because our lessons don’t come out of a box, doesn’t mean our children aren’t learning. If it is only life coping skills and common sense, they are learning more than the majority of those enrolled in public school.

    And if we want to sleep until 9 a.m., then practice multiplication (and fractions) while making and baking cookies at 9 p.m. That’s our choice.

    Sorry, I am now stepping off my soapbox. 😉 Personally, I think Mish Mash ROCKS!!!

  4. I could have written this post! 🙂 That’s so much like us. People tend to question my methods but my kids are learning and that’s what is important.

  5. Sounds a lot like us!


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