Teaching the Child with Vision Challenges to Write

I have mentioned before, that teaching writing is a challenge for me. So, add a child with vision issues to that, and well, I had avoided it. Right or Wrong?

My focus had been for a few years now to teach her to read.  Last year we finally after many hours of hard grueling work mastered it. She is taking off.  This has also opened a want to learn to write more then a sentence or two… maybe, just maybe my avoiding teaching her writing was a wise decision.

Teaching the Child with Vision Challenges to Write

USA State Study Notebooking Pages

Because I wanted a program that would be fun, yet, help me teach writing skills that would give a base to build from for years to come, I have been struggling to find a program.  WriteShop is doing this.  There are fun activities with strong skills taught, building upon each other.


There are games and activities that help you guide your child to an understanding of the writing process I wish we all would have had these when we were learning the writing process.  There are pages that help your child organize their thoughts, and so much more.

As we have been working through WriteShop D I have made a few little modifications to make it easier for our child with vision challenges to follow.

Modification One:  Using Pens over pencil marks to make it easier to see.

I printed Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack | Level 1 on various colored card stock. This made it a hard for her to see her pencil marks.  So, we traced the pencil marks with contrasting colored pencils/or gel pens after we made sure she had the correct answers.  I thought I had messed up this learning opportunity, but by moving the activity to cover two days, so we could go over her marks, we ended up re-enforcing what she had learned and the concepts stick much better.Working on a Fold N' Go, learning about punctuation.



Second Modification:  Making two sets of Bookmarks from the Fold-N-Go

She loves the book marks.  We are making two sets.  One for her writing area at her desk and one for the computer area.  This means she doesn’t have to keep track of them when she moves them from area to area.  It also mean my older children are using them to help keep grammar concepts in their minds a they write at our computer center.

My oldest child, 17, liked the look of the Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack so much, that he asked for his own set to use.  I never realized that this would end up being a multi-grade product, but now my three oldest children are all using this part of the curriculum. He is also using WriteShop, but a high school level.

Third Modification:  Taking a big longer for each lesson.

We are taking a bit longer to complete assignments.  Anything visually challenging needs to take her a bit longer.  She wears down quickly, as focusing on words etc, long really is a strenuous exercise for her.  I have learned with her short spurts means concepts are actually learned and our time is not wasted.

Teaching a child with vision challenges takes a lot of patience for both you and your child.  There may be days you do the writing and they narrate the piece. Then together you edit the piece for grammar and spelling.  She is enjoying writing more and more.  I find her reading her bible and then later, she will write a bit about what she read.  She was not doing this much before we started WriteShop.



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