The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia, And Giveaway!!

If you are a homeschool mom, you have probably tried a few planners to help you keep all those lessons, activities, and such organized.  Many of you have probably found that most planners think you are a cookie cutter image of 1000s of other homeschool families. If you have more than two or three children, than finding a planner is ten times harder. However, one of my favorite homeschool companies, Apologia, actually a current sponsor of this site, has a planner that is so versatile, but yet planned out enough to help you get organized and stay organized.

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner designed by Debra Bell and Published by Apologia will change your homeschool planning chaos.  With room for six children, lesson plans, a reading list, calendar, field trip log and more, you will find that keeping all those pages together for your whole family is rather easy with this single planner.

The Ultimate Hoimeschool Planner from Apologia

The Ultimate Hoimeschool Planner from Apologia

Count your blessings while charting your family’s homeschool journey with this gorgeous day planner from best-selling author Debra Bell. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner will help you prayerfully prioritize your family’s lessons, assignments, and activities as well as academic and personal growth goals for each of your children. Includes teaching helps, record-keeping, and pages to document God’s faithfulness throughout the year.

I love all the encouragement throughout this planner.  From Bible verses, quotes and more, and articles to encourage you as you plan.

There are pockets on the inside of the front and back covers, yearly calendar for school years 2011-2015.  This planner is full of tips and snips to help you plan the best year yet.

One of the articles of encouragement.

Here is the table of contents, look at all those wonderful pages to help get you organized.  I imagine you want to see a few sample pages too?

I really do like this planner.  A few things I think may be missing…

  • Tabbed Dividers-I added my own
  • Recording pages for grades…I really would like more space than what is included.  I have set up a separate binder for this and my Ultimate Planner fits nicely into this binder.
  • I could also use a bit more planning area…maybe a project planning area that has more room for larger projects to plan out step by step?

The Tabbed Dividers I added

One of my favorite parts of this planner, happens every week.  The pages where it has the Bible Plan, Battle Plan, Prayers, Hospitality/Outreach, Memorable Moments, and Evidences of Grace.  Every week, right before the lesson plan pages there is a two page spread for the above.  What a great way to watch God work through your homeschool each week. I love the versatility of the lesson planning pages, this makes it easy to change as you need for your own family’s needs. I also love that it is not dated, so if you have to change, you can easily erase it and change what is needed.

One of my readers will get to have their own planner, and student planner of their choice. Follow the simple instructions below to enter this awesome giveaway. I was given this planner to review for my opinion. All comments in this post are my own thoughts. Though Apologia is a sponsor of this blog, they have not paid me for my comments.

Please note, as you enter this giveaway, if you have not commented on this blog before, I will have to approve your comment before it shows up.  I believe you are able to go ahead and finish entering.  If you have any trouble, please email me.

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  1. Patty Saunders says:

    What a wonderful resource!!! I need one of this planners. Count me in please…hopefully I am entering on time. Thanks!

  2. sherry walker says:

    I have been looking for a perfect planner for years I would love this.

  3. Would love help in organizing our homeschool year. Hope to get one of these for free!

  4. I heard about this planner just recently and would love to have one. 🙂

  5. This looks like it would be a lifesaver for a (somewhat overwhelmed) brand-new homeschooler. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  7. Miriam B. says:

    I have used these planners before and love them. I’d love to win one for me and one for my teen. Thanks!

  8. Miriam B. says:

    Oh, yes please! An ulitimate planner for me and a student planner for my teen would be wonderful. Thank you!

  9. I’m STILL looking for the perfect planner. I need this!

  10. Thank you for hosting this give away 🙂

  11. I would probably choose The Ultimate Homeschool Planner.

  12. I would love the Ultimate Homeschool Planner. Please enter me to win.

  13. Kristyn k says:

    Would LOVE to win the Ultimate Homeschool Planner!!!

  14. Rachel Poe says:

    I would like to win the Ultimate Homeschool Planner!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I have been looking at the Ultimate Homeschool Planner (and student planners) for quite some time now. All the reviews that I’ve read have been excellent. I’d love to win this as I could really use help in the organizing department!

  16. What a wonderful giveaway! I could certainly use it. Thanks! :0)

  17. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner looks great! Thanks!

  18. Ann Contreras says:

    That looks like something I can greatly benefit from for myself and my kids.
    Anything would help.

  19. Becky Van Volkinburg says:

    I would love the Ultimate Planner and the Student Planner

  20. Cheryl V. says:

    I would love the Ultimate Homeschool Planner!! I hope I win!!! 🙂

  21. I would lOVE LOVE LOVE this, a friend of mine uses one and it looks SO awesome!!

  22. I would love to win The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

  23. This looks like a fantastic and helpful way to plan our homeschool days. Love the design and I sure would appreciate winning one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  24. I would like the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for us. I have 2 special needs boys .

  25. Ohh Ohh me! I was so busy with blog and family stuff I totally forgot to get any form of planner!

    God bless
    Heather Laurie

  26. Amylynn H says:

    I would love the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for myself. I couldn’t locate the Student planners on the site, but we wouldn’t care as long as it was appropriate for a boy!

  27. I’d love the ultimate homeschool planner to use with my littler ones!

  28. Lisa Potts says:

    The Ultimate Homeschool planner is my choice. Thanks.

  29. I would love the Ultimate Homeschool Planner. When my kids are older I would like to try the student planner.

  30. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner of course! =}

  31. Awesome giveaway! I want the The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students. And the mom one, of course. 😉

  32. I would use the The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, it looks so helpful and pretty too!

  33. I would like the Ultimate Planner

  34. I would love to win the ultimate homeschool planner, our son isn’t old enough to plan for himself yet 🙂

  35. Sara Baase says:

    i need this!

  36. the ultimate homeschool planner!

  37. The ultimate homeschool planner would be great.

  38. Sonya Lorimer says:

    I would love to win the Ultimate Homeschool Planner, looks like a great way to gather all the random pages I have all over my house and get my plan together!

  39. Christy Hartley says:

    Love what I can see in the sample!

  40. Judy Hostetler says:

    Looks like a wonderful planner to use to keep the school year flowing smoothly.

  41. I want to start homeschooling my preschooler. This would help me to get a good start and be organized.

  42. Tonya Lawson says:

    Wow!!! I used Daytimer and have for years, but I may have to consider replacing it with this planner. I LOVE the reminders about keeping God at the center of your day, and the spaces for writing down blessings would be great to go back to on those not-feeling-too-blessed days.

  43. The Ultimate homeschool Planner, please!

  44. G Frederico says:

    I always dreamed of using the Ultimate Homeschool Planner – I believe it would be life-changing!

  45. I would LOVE the Ultimate Homeschool Planner.

  46. jennifer rusk-medland says:

    it would be amazing to win a copy…I had a different planner for last year and lets just say this looks so much better!

  47. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

  48. I would love to win this planner and the young student planner.

  49. I would love to try this planner this year. I have heard wonderful things about it and you did a fabulous review. I also plan to get the student planner for my 12yo son. Thanks for the offer!

  50. Great review! Now I want to win it!

  51. Sarah Glidden says:

    This planner looks wonderful! Would love to win it!

  52. Shelly Vinsant says:

    I would love the ultimate planner.

  53. This looks really useful. Especially as someone who is as disorganized and scattered brained as I am. Thanks so much for a great opportunity.

  54. With 6 kids, I’d like to win it. My oldest could use the student one too.

  55. I was going to get this but I spent my budget on books for the kids. I would love to try it.

  56. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner looks great. Thanks for this opportunity to have the chance to have one :).

  57. I have only used a lesson book/planner, so this would be something new for me!

  58. Cyndy Bunn says:

    I’d love to have this planner to keep my life organized!!

  59. I love the Ultimate Homeschool Planner! This is only my second year homeschooling…and the first was a bit…”free”. 🙂

  60. Saonda Semos says:

    The Ultimate Homeschool Planner looks amazing and would be such a help for me!

  61. Betty Hart says:

    I love this planner. Looks like it covers everything!

  62. Betty Hart says:

    This planner looks fantastic. Would love to win!

  63. I’d love this planner!

  64. I would love to have the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for myself and the student one for my 10 year old son. I have been reading a lot of great things about these planners. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. That planner looks awesome. I would love to win it! 🙂

  66. I have used a few planners over the years and can’t really seem to like any of them, either there isn’t enough pages for all 5 kids or they just don’t contain all the subjects pages that I would like..
    This planner looks to have it all, and even the space for more than 2 kids. Love it
    Would love to win this to help with homeschooling my 5 kids

  67. Cheryl Baranski says:

    This would make my day to win this!
    I have never used a home school planner
    and desperately need one.
    It isn’t in my bdget though(..

    Cheryl B

  68. I really like the looks of the Ultimate Planner. I’d choose the Ultimate Student Daily Planner for my oldest daughter. She has been asking for a planner of her own.

  69. Oh, drool! I so need something like the Ultimate planner for our school year.

  70. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner would be great to use! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. This looks like a great idea!

  72. heather ellis says:

    I would choose the actual Ultimate Homeschool Planner, as none of my kids are old enough to plan for themselves yet!

  73. I really hope I win. I NEED this!!! Love this site!

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