Time Timer Review

Wow, seems some people seem to think I need help staying on track…have they been watching me while I am working in Photoshop?

Well, probably not, but, I do tend to get distracted, and Time Timer $30 has helped some.  But, I believe any old timer could help.

This is a neat little timer, that has a read window that shows you how much time you have left.  It is a 60 minute timer. It is pretty basic to use and only needs a AA battery.

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However, the battery comes dislodged quite easily and is a little hard to get to stay in place.

I am reviewing the 3 inch model. I like the protective cover for times that it is not in use, and would be more likely to recommend, if the battery stayed put better.  Setting a fifteen minute time and then realizing it has been forty five minutes and the timer hasn’t moved is not good.  All due to the battery shifting.

The other thing, I had an issue with is that, it is a quiet little beep at the end of the window of time.  I honestly need something that say HEY YOU, YOUR TIME IS UP .  BEEEEEEEEEEEP until I am ready to throw it across the room. Winking smile

I used it to time our morning chores and got along ok.  If you like quiet timers and something visual, this may work well for you.  They have computer apps, watches and other tools too, that may work better for our family.


As part of the TOS Crew, I received this free for my review.

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