Large Family Homeschool Room

This year, I did it.  I set up a real life homeschool room!!  One that should make our lives so much easier. It will mean that my kitchen and dining room tables should not be covered in books all the time.  This room is a small bedroom that has been used as a catch-all and […]

A Sad Day…Put All the Baby Things Away.

Today, I put away nearly everything that would show others there was a baby living in our home.  It was time, that I came to terms with the fact that for now, we no longer really have a baby living here.  Hannah is a toddler. In many ways I am okay, but in some I […]

Keeping the 15 Passenger Van Organized During the Spring and Summer

After yesterday’s post, you are thinking, how can this woman tell me how to keep something organized?  Yeah, well, one thing I can’t stand is a messy vehicle.  A couple of months ago, Munchin sent me a Seat Protector and Tote, to review.  I have had it in my van now for a bit and […]

Our Family’s Age Appropriate Chores Ages Six through 11

A little over a week ago, I shared our families age appropriate chores for birth through five.  I did say I would write about our chores for our older children last week, but God had led me a different way, so here we are for this week.  You will notice that I follow God’s lead, […]

Adaptable Chore Board—Large Family House Keeping

Most every family I know has struggled at some time, trying to keep up with the household chores.  Large families have not been excluded, in fact every mess seems to multiply on its own rapidly.  One load of laundry turns into three after bath time.  Half a dishwasher load turns into a full dishwasher and […]

Concern Over Year Around Homeschooling

I have some people in my life, who are concerned over the fact that we again have chosen not to break over the summer, and we are not taking a spring break.  There are many reasons we have chosen this for our family.  However, the concerns being risen, I feel need to be dealt with. […]

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