DIY Paint with Water Pages

All of my children have loved the paint with water books.  They are pretty much mess free, and they enjoyed the creating.  However, they can be a bit hard to find and a little bit expensive.  This fall my two year old rode in the grain truck with me during milo harvest.  I asked on a Farmer’s Wives group if anyone had ideas to keep a little guy entertained. Several suggested the Melissa & Doug Water Wow books. We don’t have anywhere local to grab any, so I got to thinking how I could make our own paint with water type pages…

DIY Paint with Water Pages

Supplies (We had all of these on hand)

USA State Study Notebooking Pages

DIY Paint with Water Supplies

For many of our pictures I first cut the pages in half.  These make them easier to handle for little hands, in tight places such as their car seat, high chair or small craft table.

First, we drew pictures on the paper with Sharpies, just outlining the picture. We used basic stencils for some of the pictures. Others my children drew by hand with a pencil and then traced over them with a Sharpie.

DIY Paint with Water Sharpie Outline


Then we filled in with the water color crayons, coloring the inside.

DIY Paint with Water Filled in and ready to paint

Next, Mr. Cute, got to test my idea.

Mr. Cute Painting his Picture

You will want to use the heavier paper, at least 24 lb, so it tolerates getting damp. You could likely use Crayola Washable Markers instead of the Water Color Crayons.  I did not try it, but remember doing something in school similar.

These pages were fun for my older children to create.  Mr. Cute loves to paint like the big kids in our craft room, but this is so much less mess.  Easy clean up, fun crafting, and cheap since we don’t have to buy new books all the time.


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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I never would’ve thought of it. 🙂 Pinned!

  2. That is really neat, thanks for sharing. My daughter loves art and we are doing different things I find around the web so this is perfect for this week 🙂

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