It’s Popping Up Spring All Over the Farm

Spring on the farm is full of some crazy days.  We have new baby calves, lots of mud, and a lot of new green…Kitties, chicks and more…

Spring around the farm is full of babies, mechanic work, and more...

The crops are greening up, the winter bare milo fields are getting green with weeds soon to be tilled.  The cows are calving and the wild animals are starting to birth.

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Add in 3+ inches of rain over two days and it is muddy…

We are mowing, working with animals, and getting yards easier to keep up with.

The slow season on the farm is coming to quick and whirling halt as we fly into the busy season.

Soon we will be tilling ground for planting milo and spring alfalfa planting. It’s time to check out all the bearings, belts, chains and other maintenance on the equipment.

There is more green than brown outside, and the pollen is getting crazy.  The wheat is headed out and the alfalfa is nearing 15-20 inches tall.  Hello SPRING!!

I need to start planning harvest meals, and how we will manage the whole shebang during harvest… There is a house, yards, animals, livestock, and of course seven children to tend too… all while my husband and I are in the field.

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