Brimwood Press Biblical Worldview Curriculum Review

One of the original reasons we first began homeschooling is to be sure to surround our children with a Biblical Worldview.  Really, it sounded so easy and well, it hasn’t been.

There are Christ centered and Biblical curriculums out there, but there is not a lot of variety when it comes to comparing a Biblical Worldview to other views, our choices are very limited.

That is where Brimwood Press tends to “bridge the gap” so to say.  Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism compares the two religions.

USA State Study Notebooking Pages

BrimWood Press history and worldview curriculum for homeschool

We are using Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism – Complete Bundle ($40)

This bundle contains “Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism” and “Secret of the Scribe” Companion Book (also sold separately)

Where the Ancients meet their Maker
Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism (CTAP) is a nine month curriculum that compares and contrasts ancient Near Eastern myths with Old Testament stories to teach Christian theology. Through this in-depth study of the ancient struggle with idolatry, students gain a compelling view of the uniqueness, coherence, and beauty of the Christian faith. The student is engaged in a journey that reveals just where the ideas of ancient polytheism and Christian monotheism lead. Along the way, they will discover that the misconceptions and temptations of the ancients have profound relevance for youth of the twenty-first century.
CTAP enables young people to grasp the grand narrative of God’s Word and to recognize its central plot, characters and themes. This literary approach combined with the method of comparison and contrast cultivates higher level thinking skills and gives students a rudder with which to navigate the sea of competing ideas.
CTAP is the Christian reader’s guide to Secret of the Scribe and contrasts the worldview of both the novel and its historical setting (ancient Mesopotamia) with Christianity. As a comparative theology arising out of a historical narrative, CTAP facilitates explanation of Christian belief within a setting that shows the student why these beliefs matter. It is our prayer that CTAP will be the parent’s tool to train hearts and minds for Him.

Included – Secret of the Scribe Book

Ancient – Born a slave to a Sumerian queen, Tabni makes her daring escape, but a desperate choice to survive unleashes the fury of the gods.

We are just getting back into our book work, so have just started reading the Secret of the Scribe before we dive into the main curriculum part of this bundle. ( that is step one in the instructions for how to use this guide).

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism - Complete Bundle - Click Image to Close

In preparation for finishing the Secret of the Scribe, I have been busy planning and reading through the guide. The guide includes notebooking pages for students to use.  You can either copy them from the book or online. Each lesson in the book can be expected to take several days.  The books is planned to take at least nine months, but our family will likely take much longer.

The guide also includes discussion questions that are meant to be “conversational” between parents and children.  This helps you to be able to get a better grasp of their Worldview, and helps you be able to explain yours as well.

The Young Historians Introduction to Worldview includes activities and such to help you and your children gain more knowledge. A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview - Click Image to Close

I am anxious to get going on this study, as I am very excited about what  Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism – Complete Bundle will help me guide my children to understand about Worldviews and our own Biblical Worldview.  Being that it is hands on, I hope to help even our younger children gain a little knowledge in this area.

What other Worldview curriculum do you know about that also compares our Biblical Worldview to other views?

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