Baby Calves are Popping Out All Over the Farm

Spring is a time for new life on the farm.  This year, our calves are all coming fast.  We have a small herd this year since we culled some older cows last year.  We have just seven cows/heifers calving.  We also have a new dairy cow and her calf. Our herd is kept small for […]

FREE Farm Memory Game

It’s spring on the farm and there are new babies coming every few days.  Spring on the farm is a busy time and sometimes I need a bit of time to get inside things done quickly without my sweet three-year old’s constant interruptions.  He loves to play games with his siblings, and this gives me a bit […]

Fall Around the Farm

It’s fall, and fall around the farm is umm BUSY… If the farm is busy, then I am busy.  During the fall months, we put up hay, thresh alfalfa seed, milo harvest, prepare ground for planting wheat, keep cattle fed and watered, fix equipment… it is a never ending chore on the farm. In all […]

How to Pray for Farmers

A friend asked me how, specifically, she could pray for farmers.  So many think that farm life is glamorous, however I have to be honest… there is a glamorous side, but then there is the huge scary truth… from year to year our income can change by nearly 75% and sometimes more… Our lives depend […]

A Boy and His Bees

Our family loves honey.  Our oldest has ALWAYS been a Nature Boy, catching bugs, flipping rocks looking for reptiles… YES, snakes too. Observing plants, animals, insects and everything nature related from an early age.  About four years ago, he took a big interest in honey bees.  And so the story of a boy and his […]

Busy Doing that Farm Wife Thing…

I am a stay at home mom.  But, as a farm wife, that doesn’t mean I am home much.  As a farm wife, I knew I would be helping on the farm a lot.  There are seasons when being mom takes first priority over my “farm wife” status. However, now with older children, my farm […]

Five Summer Fun Ideas to Beat the Heat

Some of my best memories as a child were made during the summer.  My cousins and I would gather and hang out on the home place at my grandparents.  We would jump from the loft of the barn onto piles of hay.  We would row a boat around the lake.  We went fishing. We stayed […]

From Planning Failure to Planning Success

At the beginning of 2016, I received an AWESOME, AMAZING planner to review.  I had all these ideas as to how I would use it… Then the fact that many of our unplanned welcome to our crazy life educational opportunities and lessons weren’t getting recorded,  I found a way to implement that into the most […]

FarmLife Tuesday~Recovery Mode

Around the farm the last couple of weeks has been recovery mode… Recovery from When Mommy Gets Sick, after having sick kiddos.  We survived all that, three weeks of sickness, and mommy is still in recovery mode as she just doesn’t have her energy back yet…But, I am getting very close… if baby wasn’t teething […]

FarmLife Tuesday~Snow

FarmLife during the winter can be a challenge.  We heard the forecast, we kept up with our weather apps on the phone. We prepared as much as we could.   We then waited, watched, waited and decided it wasn’t going to snow… But, then, nearly 19 hours after it was said to start, it did, […]

FarmLife Tuesday Catching Up

FarmLife this time of year is less crazy on the farm, but is a time to catch up on appointments and such.  So, we have hit the road, A LOT… We have doctor appointments every day this week.  EVERY.Single.DAY.  However, some are follow up appointments, some PT, some chiropractor, but all at least an 8 […]

FarmLife Tuesday ~

Well, this week’s FarmLife Tuesday is a bit boring as it  was work in the shop week.  I kind of tend to avoid the first week when hubby heads to the shop to actually work on equipment during our down time.  Why? Because it is kind of a HUGE mess.  He spends this first week […]

FarmLife Tuesday Dec. 2

I have tried to come up with a better title for my Tuesday post about our farm life.  I use the hashtag #FarmLife quite often and believe FarmLife Tuesday is a good fit.  Now that it is getting colder, grabbing pictures on the farm may become a bit more challenging… We tend to work a […]

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