5 Tips for Homemaking Struggles

Homemaking, the cooking, cleaning, laundry, all of it, can be a huge homemaking struggle.  It can leave you horrified, that things got to this point.  Most of us, if we are honest, will even admit to having homemaking struggles of some sort.  Since I am writing this post, I will say, that I have had […]

Busy Mom? Here’s Help Plus a Free Printable to Get you Started

We have to start our day right. How you start your day can leave an impact on the entire day, and sometimes week. I am just as guilty as any other mom out there. I have my list of things that I think need to be done and start in, skipping the biggest part of […]

Thoughts on this Parenting Journey

This Parenting Journey, it isn’t for the faint of heart.  I don’t know how I would do it without God and my husband.  With seven children ages 2-17, there is utter chaos during many waking hours… chaos may be interpreted as messes, noise, and tons, yes tons of fun, laughs and kneeling on my knees. […]

Why build an online support system for moms?

    Why would moms need an online support system? Because we are busy. Busy working from home to help make ends meet Busy serving in church Busy raising our children Busy helping on farms or with husband’s business Some are raising children alone. Who needs an online support system? Moms who are homeschooling Moms […]

When Motherhood Feels Like a Failure

I am going to be honest, brutally honest.  Some days being a mom is hard and well, it seriously feels like I am failing. I mean, I am outnumbered 7 to 1… actually if you include my husband in this, it is 8 to 1… At those odds, I am likely failing somewhere, Right? So, […]

From Planning Failure to Planning Success

At the beginning of 2016, I received an AWESOME, AMAZING planner to review.  I had all these ideas as to how I would use it… Then the fact that many of our unplanned welcome to our crazy life educational opportunities and lessons weren’t getting recorded,  I found a way to implement that into the most […]

Leaving the Angry Parent Cycle

We all do it… We let the daily trials of being a parent take us to a whole new ability to… LOSE IT!! I mean how many of us have had one of those times that the crazy way our children decide to complete a chore gets us on edge.  Now, take that there are […]

I am a Planner Failure

A Planner Failure?  Yep, I am admitting it. Whether it be a schedule or curriculum, homemaking, errands, I have failed… and not just once or twice. Actually if I were brutally honest, I fail daily with plans… but am a I failing or am I not listening to God as I plan?? I wake with big […]

Five Tips for the Discouraged Mom

As I have entered the years of parenting teens, I have found myself discouraged quite often.  Maybe it has to do with the fact my strongest willed child is my oldest and well, he became a teen first… I have been told that boys brains seem to turn to mush…. Maybe that is why I […]

Five Ways to Get through the Mommy Hard Days

Mommy Hard Days… we all have them.  Those days we just want to crawl back and bed and not be bothered.  We are worn out, sick and or tired.  We have something that is hurting us, whether it be physically or emotionally or likely both. Mommy Hard Days… sometimes we have Mondays every day of […]

When Mommy Gets SICK

When Mommy Gets SICK… keeping up the home, school and life with our children when we are sick can be a challenge. However, keeping our expectations in check and realizing that we can get on top of it all after we are a bit better will allow us to rest and get better faster. There […]

Maintaining Sanity With a Sick Baby

I really dislike having sick kiddos… Respiratory gunk really stresses me in my RSV, pneumonia prone kiddos, and in babies… Sick babies scare me…

FarmLife Tuesday~Snow

FarmLife during the winter can be a challenge.  We heard the forecast, we kept up with our weather apps on the phone. We prepared as much as we could.   We then waited, watched, waited and decided it wasn’t going to snow… But, then, nearly 19 hours after it was said to start, it did, […]

Dear Weary Mom

You are not alone.  We are all right there with you.  Even that mom over there with the perfect hair, perfect nails and happy smile. We are all weary moms… at least we all go through seasons when we are weary. Some of us just wear it on our faces a bit more.  Some have […]

Black Friday Deals for Moms

I am always asked what I want for Christmas, birthday and so forth.  I tend to want something other than clothes… Here I have a list of things that any mom/homeschool mom could use or want.  Right now these are all Black Friday Deals.  Click the graphics to learn more!!   Homeschool Planner and Magazine […]

Priorities of a Mom’s Heart

As I sit, silently begging baby to take a nice long nap, I wonder what the rush is? Why? Why do mom’s want to rush? Rush to the next nap time, bedtime, time away from these gifts God has given us? How do we manage to lose the true Priorities of a Mom’s Heart? Why is […]

Wheat Harvest 2014 Blessings

Wheat harvest 2014 is beginning to wind down here.  It seems to me like it has taken forever, but really, it is just running later in the year. Wheat Harvest 2014 Here in our area of Kansas, wheat harvest 2014 has not been a bumper crop.  With the drought, and cold temperatures a bit too […]

2014 Word of the Year

I chose the word faith for my word of the year.  I am really not into resolutions, but wanted to have something to focus on this year.  I am choosing to focus on faith. Faith in: Daily life Future Husband God Children Trials Praises and everything in between Another reason I chose Faith?  This baby […]

The Announcement that Caused Excitement…

I had planned to keep up with blogging, but life got in the way…again.  Only, I mean LIFE… About a week ago, we made a little announcement to our children and well, lets just say it caused a GREAT deal of EXCITEMENT. Honestly, I wish I had pictures or a video, but I don’t… You […]

Holiday eBook Bundle to Help Your Family Stay Focused

Thanksgiving, Christmas and all are just around the corner.  It is time to get organized and focused on the true reasons for these special holidays.  This bundle of 25 books for JUST $25 will be sure to help you.  There are planning pages, homeschooling helps, pages to help your children record their memories, crafts to […]

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