Large Family Homeschool Room

This year, I did it.  I set up a real life homeschool room!!  One that should make our lives so much easier. It will mean that my kitchen and dining room tables should not be covered in books all the time.  This room is a small bedroom that has been used as a catch-all and […]

Maintaining Sanity With a Sick Baby

I really dislike having sick kiddos… Respiratory gunk really stresses me in my RSV, pneumonia prone kiddos, and in babies… Sick babies scare me…

Ten Reasons I LOVE My Big Van~Two Hundred Thousand Miles and Counting

As is true with many larger than average families, we gave up the fun to drive cute cars years ago.  We had a mini van for a bit, but then child number five was on the way and we bought our 15 passenger Chevy Express with 123,000 miles on it.  Just the other day, it […]

Not Just Tacos Latino Recipe and Culture eBook FREE for Five Days

My family often teases that I am a fair skinned blonde Mexican.  I love to eat Mexican and I love to fix Mexican foods.  Up until recently though, I really had no idea any background behind the foods I was creating, or whether or no they were authentic. Not Just Tacos by Shirley Solis of […]

Easy Peasy Chores System for Non-Readers

Earlier this spring I found a very easy to set up chore system for non-readers.  With our special needs children, I have four non-readers, and many times, the older kiddos end up doing their chores, because the littles can’t read the check list and by the time I find the problem, it needs tended to […]

Homeschool Convention Packing

As I begin putting my thoughts together to head to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Omaha, I wanted to share with you my tips for homeschool convention packing, when traveling with several children. The packing alone can become quite overwhelming. There is so much to remember, and without a list, I am lost. Here […]

Daily To Do’s Got You Down? Don’t have time to do a Big Spring Cleaning? MoMo can help…

YES, I found something to help with the daily to do’s.  I love my house hold notebook, for many things, but writing out the daily to dos, I always ended up forgetting something important.  Motivated Moms has changed the forgetfulness.  I have it on my Android phone and as a printed planner.  The printed is […]

Decluttering Scavenger Hunt and Other Fun Home Keeping Ideas

Home Keeping fun?  What is Home Keeping? Well, a house is just anyone’s house, but a home, is well more homey. So, I am calling Home Keeping.  Well, one Thursday morning, I woke up ready to set the house on fire….Seriously.  The junk and clutter had pretty much pushed me to my limits…So, I decided, […]

Homeschooling Through The Foggy Headedness

What a title ehh?  So, how many of you are wondering what’s new, if I am just now mentioning that my head is foggy?  Well, here of late, I have been foggier than normal.  It all started with an ear infection, and well, it seems there is still some congestion fog stuck in my head.  […]

Snowy Fun Farm Style

Well, I said yesterday we didn’t get enough snow to go sledding, well…God must have known we were all just a bit disappointed, because He more, and we all just had a HUGE old Farm Style Snowy Fun Blast!! We do this Farm Style or maybe y’all call it Red Neck style…whatever it is, it […]

Creating a Homemakers Notebook for YOUR Family

If you are like me, you love the idea of a homemakers notebook.  A notebook that will help keep you organized, on track and keep important details you need at your fingertips.  However, I like to make them, but keeping up with it…well, not so much. Why?  It becomes overwhelming. How? Because as soon as […]

Three Ps to Holiday Organization

Are you tired of the chaos you experience every year from mid November, through the first of the New Year? Would you like to simplify this season and be ready for company more than 20 minutes before they arrive? Would you like to be done shopping for your groceries and gifts long before the crowds […]

Blogging Vacation or Taking Time to Just Be…

Whatever you want to call it, this week has been good for me.  I have overcome some craziness that was literally pulling me under waves with currents that were drifting me away from where God wanted me to be.  I hadn’t planned this break, but I know I needed it. I have worked on several […]

Summer Weekly Cleaning List (Free Printable)

During the summer months, we have a few more chores, but less time.  I created a list that has most of the chores on it. I color coded it, boys, girls, and all… Since we have 3 boys and 3 girls, it works pretty well. On whatever major cleaning day we have for a week, […]

Ten Basic Weekly Chores for Easier Home Up Keep.

As a mom of six, I have found that if you do a few basic things every day as I discussed a couple weeks ago, and then a few other basics every week, your house will be easier to keep up.  It seems when I talk to homeschooling and stay at home moms, that keeping […]

Summer Fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune…

I hear a lot about how children don’t know how to entertain themselves.  They need this electronic device or that toy.  My children can play outside for hours, or re-enact the Civil War or some other historical event or a scene from a book for days…DAYS. Every day my children have TWO WHOLE hours of […]

The 2012 Great Clothing Switch Out Begins! Large Family Style

This is the time of year, that nearly EVERY large family mom despises.  Most of us have bags or stashes of clothes for 0-3 mo. for each gender on up to a few sizes above our oldest.  In large families, that is a LOT of clothes. If you are on a farm, there seems to […]

Home Educating Family’s On the Go Planner~ My brain on in a book!~Giveaway 3 Winners!!

I am not naturally organized.  In fact, even when I try really hard I am not really organized.  I have great ideas, and I mean well, but, in reality, I am just not an organized person…or am I?  In fact, I have made wonderful forms that keep my older children organized in their homeschool lesson […]

The Blessing of Raising Strong Willed Children

As a mom of six strong willed children, three of which are very strong willed, I say this with a smile.  I now, am seeing some of the fruit of a strong will in my older children. My oldest has been and is still very strong willed.  By the time he was ten months old, […]

Fall Party Fun

The Hot Guy and I have discussed having one of those big BBQs at our home for several years, however we never got around to it, until Sunday evening. This wasn’t as big as we have thought we would do, but we had a lot of fun, and well, 24 children running around is kind […]

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