Baby Calves are Popping Out All Over the Farm

Spring is a time for new life on the farm.  This year, our calves are all coming fast.  We have a small herd this year since we culled some older cows last year.  We have just seven cows/heifers calving.  We also have a new dairy cow and her calf. Our herd is kept small for […]

Spring Around Our Farm

Spring around the farm is a busy time.  It is a time we have new babies.  It is a time we get things ready for summer harvest.  It is a time that we pick up the pastures, fix fence and prepare to move cattle. The first baby calf born this spring around our farm, is […]

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Day 3

   Have you been enjoying the pictures of our life on the prairie?  Well, you are  going   to laugh at one of these, say awww with one, say how fun and then well wonder what in the world I am taking a picture of for the last. I am really enjoying sharing our life on […]

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Day 2

So, how did you like a look into our days, for day one?  Looks like fun so far to be living the life on the prairie ehh? Today is another fun day too.  But, let me warn ya, not all days on the prairie are fun days.  Remember Laura from Little House on the Prairie […]

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Pictures

So, as I was praying what I should be posting on this blog over the next several weeks, God kept saying keep it real. So, I thought oh Farm pictures, but really I am not always able to get just farm pictures, but our lives revolve around the farm, homeschool and this all takes place […]

Spring on the Farm Watched Our Mare Foal

Friday was quite the exciting day on the farm. I watched our mare foal. She had a little stud colt.  His name is Snickers, and he is super cute, a little sweet with some crunchiness around the edges. As in, if you can get your hands on him, he settles right down, but catching him, […]

Farm Life Chronicles on the Prairie

It seems my readers enjoy our stories from the farm.  So, I would like to try to share a few farm life highlights each week. Spring Forward Slows the Farm Spring Forward has been a long time great thing for farmers as far as crops and livestock go.  However, me, I like that earlier hour […]

Weekend Fun on the Farm Thanks to Schedule Changes

Weekends on the farm are never boring.  In fact many times we tend to squeeze in more than we could ever accomplish.  However, I have spent a little time in prayer about our schedule.  We never get five full book work days done in a week.  We always seem to need to have a day […]

Snowy Fun Farm Style

Well, I said yesterday we didn’t get enough snow to go sledding, well…God must have known we were all just a bit disappointed, because He more, and we all just had a HUGE old Farm Style Snowy Fun Blast!! We do this Farm Style or maybe y’all call it Red Neck style…whatever it is, it […]

Farm Life Woes. Happy New Year?

Often when people find out we are a farm family, they immediately tell me how lucky I am…However, Farmlife isn’t always much fun, in fact it is a lot of work, and well, full of heartache too… If the last three days are any idea of what farm life is going to be like for […]

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week… We have been trying pull out of convention mode and get the house in order.  It is actually taking longer than I thought.  We also finished wheat harvest and have buckets of wheat set back for our family’s use.  I just got my van out of the shop this morning, […]

Wheat Harvest 2012, from the inside out…

We started wheat harvest yesterday.  This is the earliest wheat harvest on record.  Normally we don’t cut until the second to third week of June.  I remember as a kid spending many Independence Days jealous of non-farm kiddoes who got to picnic, and party, while I was stuck in the field.  It has been awhile […]

Farm Wife Scurry~31 Thursday’s Link Up

This is the time of year I try to be able to be ready to leave the house in less than 15 minutes with all children in tow.  With harvest and hay and all that takes place on a farm, I am often called out to run for parts, water the cows, run for livestock […]

Super Moon May 5

Saturday evening we headed out to look at the "Super Moon". It was pretty, and quite bright, even with the clouds here.  God’s Creation is amazing isn’t it? Below are the pictures I actually took of the moon, using the camera we got Philip for Christmas.  He helped me work on the settings.  I think […]

Summer Fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune…

I hear a lot about how children don’t know how to entertain themselves.  They need this electronic device or that toy.  My children can play outside for hours, or re-enact the Civil War or some other historical event or a scene from a book for days…DAYS. Every day my children have TWO WHOLE hours of […]

A Few Changes for the Next Several Weeks~Family Updates and such…

I once heard how summer is supposed to be a slow relaxing and carefree time…Ummm, For Who? Summers in our home are actually the busiest time of the year… Farm~baling hay Wheat Harvest Animals Garden~over an acre… Preserving Produce~potatoes, onions, green beans, peppers, salsa, peaches, apples, and more Homeschool Convention Vacation Bible School Company coming~3 […]

Andi’s Pony Trouble~Circle C Beginnings

Do you have a horse crazy girl? How about a girl that is trying to grow up to fast? Is she full of ideas, that don’t always turn out so well? Then Andi’s Pony Trouble by Susan K. Marlow and illustrated by Leslie Gammelgaard, will be a GREAT book for your little girl.  This story […]

Keeping up with Household Duties while Homeschooling

Honestly, I am not sure that you really can.  You just have to hand it to God, and pray anyone that happens to stop by understands that not only is your home a home, but is also a school. Our family doesn’t really have a schedule, but we run on routines. Routines allow us to […]

Life Skills in the Homeschool

We are big on life skills.  In fact at times, I think my children learn a lot more out of the mores then in the books. Rarely can life skills be learned in a book, character lessons, yes, but actually being able to carry those out, no. In our family, we incorporate life skills in […]

Nature Study Tuesday~March 1

Welcome back to Nature Study Tuesday.  We took a break over the coldest months of the winter, but now it is warming up and time to get back outside and enjoy God’s creation. Over the winter our oldest Philip, AKA Nature Boy, fed an opossum in our garage.  This opossum has been lose and able […]

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