Baby Calves are Popping Out All Over the Farm

Spring is a time for new life on the farm.  This year, our calves are all coming fast.  We have a small herd this year since we culled some older cows last year.  We have just seven cows/heifers calving.  We also have a new dairy cow and her calf. Our herd is kept small for […]

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Day 3

   Have you been enjoying the pictures of our life on the prairie?  Well, you are  going   to laugh at one of these, say awww with one, say how fun and then well wonder what in the world I am taking a picture of for the last. I am really enjoying sharing our life on […]

Thirty-One Days of Our Life on the Prairie Day 2

So, how did you like a look into our days, for day one?  Looks like fun so far to be living the life on the prairie ehh? Today is another fun day too.  But, let me warn ya, not all days on the prairie are fun days.  Remember Laura from Little House on the Prairie […]

Farm Life Chronicles on the Prairie~Cows, Babies, Bunnies, and More

Farm wives don’t quite have the days that other moms do.  Farm Life makes things a little more adventuresome.  Some times God finds a way to wear you out before your children have even popped out of bed… The last couple of weeks have been a farm life frenzy.  Cows, a bull, horses, and chickens, […]

Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle Sale

The Ultimate Homemaking  eBook bundle will help you on your way to being the best homemaker you can be, with recipes, planners, guides, and more.  This bundle is sure to help you snap your home into a neater more inviting place to spend with your family.   Friday I told you how excited I was […]

Ultimate Homemaker Help Coming Soon!!

Are you a homemaker?  Attempting?  Homeschooling Mom? Mom or Wife?  Then what I am about to tell you about is going to get you EXCITED.  Starting on April 29, there is a HUGE eBook bundle for the homemaker, mom, wife, homeschooler, woman, you name it there is a book for you in this 97 eBook […]

Farm Life Chronicles on the Prairie

It seems my readers enjoy our stories from the farm.  So, I would like to try to share a few farm life highlights each week. Spring Forward Slows the Farm Spring Forward has been a long time great thing for farmers as far as crops and livestock go.  However, me, I like that earlier hour […]

Look at What’s New on the Farm

Back in September, I got a birthday present, that most wives would probably balk at… Daisy, our Dairy Cow.  She isn’t the tamest, cuddliest, or even calmest cow.  She will let you scratch her if there is food involved.  This is better than the day we brought her home.  That day, if she saw ya, […]

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