Celebrating a Christ Centered Family Christmas

Growing up Christmas was about parties, presents, lights, and decorations.  Early on, it was about family too, but time and things happened and it became less and less.  Once I had my first child, I found that Christmas wasn’t what I wanted or knew it should be, we made changes and worked to give our children a Christ Centered Christmas, in today’s modern crazy chaotic month of December.

Celebrating a Christ Centered Family Christmas

Below is part of a post I did a couple of years ago.

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In our family, we do give gifts, but our focus is on the giving.  Christ gave his life for us, and we enjoy giving gifts as a reminder of that.  We also do decorate some, though I try to keep the Santa and other non-Christ centered items to a minimum.   There are several of those decorations that are from both mine and my Hot Guy’s Childhood.   Many are from grandparents that are far away or already at the feet of Jesus.  They bring back memories that we want to try and share with our children, so they come out and are enjoyed.  We also have four Nativity scenes up.  This helps keep baby Jesus at the center of our Christmas.  At the top of our Christmas tree is an angel made several years ago when we didn’t have anything to use.  It is made from a paper towel tube, tissue paper glue and markers.

Our gift giving is not the fancy, crazy gifts that are so typical of our society now.  It is a normal thing for me to get a vacuum cleaner, mixer, dryer, or some other wonderfully useful item that will make my life a little easier.  Our children get needed clothes, homeschool curriculum, books, and other needed items.  Grandparents get a family picture.  This makes it simple to give gifts.

Christmas isn’t about the decorations, lights, presents…It is about the birth of a miracle, a savior, a little boy who still today gives us hope, peace, comfort and joy.  He has taught us what true love is for thousands of years

Some ways we have or are keeping Christ at the Center this month and spending extra special time as a family:

How do you keep Christ as the center of your Christmas celebrations?

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