A Light bulb Moment with my Sensory Intense Child and her PJs

As our evening temperatures drop, I have been putting my children in warmer jammies at night.  Not footed jammies, but light weight pants and a long sleeved t-shirt or night gown.  My youngest, who has Sensory Processing Disorder wasn’t handling this.  She wasn’t getting rest which meant I wasn’t getting rest.  She also only had […]

From Cloth Diapers to Herbal Medicine, Help for the Natural Mother

The longer I am a mother, the more I want to use better, safer, less chemically infused products in our family.  The eBook bundle I am telling you about today, will offer you a great bundle of resources to get your started on moving your family to  more natural, less chemical products in your home.  […]

Sensory Processing Disorder in Our Family

Last week, VBS and Hannah brought me to tears.  When she hits her overload, most don’t get it.  She has sensory processing disorder or Sensory Processing Dysfunction…AKA SPD or Sensory Integration Disorder. Too much noise, too much activity, too much color, too much light, too hot, too cold, too much change, being unsure, not knowing […]

Teaching Special Needs Children to Read

One of the biggest challenges for homeschool parents is teaching reading, and for a homeschool parent with children who have special needs, that big challenge can seem almost insurmountable for many.  Teaching Special Needs Children to Read in the Homeschool can have extra challenges too, as you need to understand what the learning block is, […]

Eye Patching Fun? Yes it is!

What is eye patching?  Eye Patching  is where a child wears a patch over their strong eye to help correct vision in their weaker eye.  There are a few different reasons a doctor prescribes eye patching, and I am not going into that here, but I am going to give you a few ways to […]

Technology in Home Education & Beyond

The use of technology in home education and beyond is a relatively new idea.  As the world around us becomes more technological, we as homes educators have a  responsibility to make sure we teach technology in our children’s home education, to help them compete in the technological age. Teaching technology in home education does not need to […]

Hard Days in Homeschool~Facing the reality of special needs and learning disabilities

This is hard to write, but there are days that homeschooling is so hard, you want to crawl in a hole.  Why? Some days no matter how you explain a concept, you feel as you are failing, as a teacher in teaching your child something new.  If you happen to ask someone else who isn’t […]

Math Mammoth Light Blue First Grade Series

Math has always been one of those subject that has been hard for me to teach, but I get most of it.  I have found something that works well for my older students, but for my younger students, I had been struggling.  Math Mammoth has changed all that though.  I am reviewing the Math Mammoth […]

Educating the Strong Willed, I don’t need to know this Child…Creative Unit Studies

First, be ready to get creative. And by creative, don’t let them know they are learning something unless you have too…Grammar is going to be one of those. Now, I am not saying that all educational activities should be fun.  In fact, children must learn to not be entertained.  However, history, science, geography and Bible […]

And Another Change…Another Child with Vision Challenges.

In December 2010, we found out our then five year old had amblyopia and strambismus.  She had been to the optometrist at the age of three, so she was due for an exam.  Her condition at the time left her with 20/400 vision, which is legally blind.  At her last exam in April, she had […]

Discouragement in the Homeschool Trenches~Really in only week 3? Digging out!!

  This week hasn’t quite gone like I wanted it to.  Between appointments and baling hay we haven’t been able to start school in the mornings, and well, school work in the afternoons doesn’t seem to be working out.  And if not getting school isn’t enough, chores are all messed up too. If I make […]

Goal Planning Monday

This week I have several goals…most all go along with finishing up some homeschool organization ideas. Organizational Goals: Put together five book cases enter all new books into library database Put stickers on new books Put all books on shelves in an organized manner. Finish organizing the dining room. My Job Related Goals: Make a […]

If it isn’t Working, Fix it…Don’t be Owned by Curriculum that isn’t working…

As a fairly seasoned homeschooler, I have had to learn this.  Sometimes it is a hard lesson, other times it is fairly easy to take. Already into our second week, I am having to make a couple of changes. Character Quality Language Arts is one of those changes.  This is the second time I have […]

Setting Realistic Long Term Goals for Your Christian Homeschooled Children?

We all have goals we want our children to obtain, but, are they the same goals that God has?  When setting your goals in your homeschool, it is important to think outside the academic box.  Is your ultimate goal, getting your child into an Ivy League University?  or Is it helping your child gain a […]

Watchminder 3 Review~Helping your child stay on track.

Do you have a child who struggles staying on task? Do they get “lost”? What about you? Watchminder 3 ($69) may be a little gadget that will help.  It is a watch that you are able to set to alert or remind you or your child to the tasks ahead of them or that they […]

Organizational Week~Getting the Homeschool Ready

We all have them, days when we walk through the house and want to turn tail and run because there are messes everywhere.  As we move through the house, we notice there is very little that can be done with these messes… What? Where did it all come from? Typically around here, it means we […]

Preparing for the New School Year…Drawing up some advanced biology lessons…

My oldest son, AKA Nature Boy here in these central Kansas parts, is a bit of a zoology/biology nut case.  In fact, last year, he read my college Zoology text.  I am not so sure he got much out of it, but it did keep him busy. I honestly have yet to find something that […]

Jumping Ship from the Institutionalized Educational Mindset in the Homeschool~Part 1 Grade levels and Start Dates

Over the years of homeschooling, I have become braver in getting away from the school at home mindset.  However, I have also known, I needed to get farther away from that mindset in order to be able to attain our goals with our children. Grade levels is one way I am doing that this year.  […]

New Series Starting Up Next Week for those with Struggling Learners. Helping Your Learning Abled Child.

I am excited to let my readers know about an opportunity that my family has been blessed with.  I contacted Learning Link Technologies after another blogger contacted me explaining the company was looking for review bloggers with struggling learners.  Since I have three with different issues, I contacted them, and we are now on our […]

Considering God’s Creation~Review

Looking for a multi-level creation science curriculum?  Want minimal teacher preparations? Want a few experiments using household items? Want some fun to complete worksheets, to be used in a note booking style? Then, Considering God’s Creation, by Eagle’s Wings may well fit the bill, literally since it only cost $29.95. Eagle’s Wings is: A creative […]

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